Capricorn Jupiter

*Capricorn Jupiter birth dates listed below

Capricorn Jupiter people tend to have a very serious and restricted approach to adventure. They may have learned from a young age that you have to be careful or responsible with how you expand into the world, often from their fathers who may have had a wide range of being.

These people tend to have a lot of authoritative energy. They have big dreams for their career and public image, and find a relatively easy time building these things into being.  Their moves for their future security can go a long way with only a little effort, so even though they tend to have a more serious attitude towards generally carefree energy, they are able to build really great things and have a lot of long-term success.

They tend to lighten up with age. Because their world view focuses more on authority and security, they tend to take care of that energy early on. This leaves them with the freedom to not worry when they’re older and the work has already been put in. These people tend to embody the philosophy of work hard now, play hard later. Sometimes, however, the heavy responsiblity of the big picture can be too much for these people and they don’t put in the needed work. When this happens, they tend to have signficant lessons from the universe, trying to provoke them into being more responsible.

When it comes to higher education, they may have a harder time expanding their minds and understanding, so it’s important that they feel very passionate about their studies. They have to really want it and they have to want to get serious about it. They may also find that they actually learn more once they’re out in their chosen career field than they ever could learn in a classroom.

These people often make a career out of sharing their experiences and their point of views with others. They tend to communicate their beliefs to others in a restrictive way, deciding carefully what their message is and how they want to share it. At times, they can come across as an authority figure, so it’s important for these people to also relate to people on a personable level.

Their optimism often comes from the freedom to take care of business, however they may fear truly expanding to their limits because they have learned that they can’t do so as freely as others. It’s also common for these people to have long distance relationships with their fathers, sometimes because the father is just out of the picture, other times because he may be deployed or traveling a lot for work. If it’s the former, these people may have a harder time exploring the world because they’ve experienced the negative sides of someone being carefree and unattached. If it’s the latter, they may enjoy traveling often and turning exploring into a discipline because they watched their father do so. If the father figure was in the home a lot growing up, he may have been one to encourage mental growth, perhaps he was a college professor and knew a lot about a chosen field or was just really passionate about sharing his own interests with his child.

Some famous Capricorn Jupiter people are: Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson, Eminem, Avril Lavigne, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Zuckerberg, Khloe Kardashian, Margaret Thatcher, Walt Disney, and Dwayne the Rock Johnson.

  • 1936 Dec 2-Dec 31
  • 1937 Jan 1-Dec 18
  • 1948 Nov 15-Dec 31
  • 1949 Jan 1-Apr 11, Jun 27-Nov 29
  • 1960 Mar 1-Jun 8, Oct 25-Dec 31
  • 1961 Jan 1-Mar 14, Aug 12-Nov 2
  • 1972 Feb 6-Jul 23, Sep 25-Dec 31
  • 1973 Jan 1-Feb 22
  • 1984 Jan 19-Dec 31
  • 1985 Jan 1-Feb 5
  • 1996 Jan 3-Dec 31
  • 1997 Jan 1-Jan 20
  • 2007 Dec 18-Dec 31
  • 2008
  • 2009 Jan 1-Jan 4
  • 2019 Dec 2-Dec 31
  • 2020 Jan 1-Dec 18

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