Sagittarius Jupiter

Sagittarius Jupiter people tend to have an inherently optimistic and happy-go-lucky energy. They see the big picture very clearly and directly, and can use this to their advantage. However, it is possible for them to over look important details because to them they may not seem all that important in the grand scheme of things.

These people have a deep urge for adventure. They desire experiences, often for experience sake. Their wanderlust pulls them to explore the world in any way they can, often in search for freeing and nomadic energy, away from the heaviness that stagnant life can bring. For some, they may not even know what they are searching for until they start searching, but they will always be called to search for something.

Because these people experience so much of the world and the bigger picture, they tend to form strong belief system and perspectives of what the world is truly like. These people also often feel pulled to share these beliefs with others, making wonderful teachers, using their message to help others expand in the wonderful ways they have.

They will be naturally inclined to higher education. Even if not in the traditional sense of college they will still at least pursue knowledge in some form after grade school. They may be the type to go on study abroad programs, preferring to learn in a completely foreign setting then what they may have grown up in. They tend to find they are good at learning, and gain experience and understanding easily. When they play into that energy they open themselves up to so many possibilities.

These are the type of people who need a lot of freedom in life. They have a lot of impulses and desire for exploring the world, and for them the best things come from expansion. Growing their mind is what attracts their luck, and when restricted they can have a harder time benefiting from all their potential.

They greatly benefit from moving on from things. They aren’t the type to hold on to beliefs for long, especially once they realize their beliefs are no longer reflective of the truth in a fair and just way. Embracing the next great adventure and following their intuitive sense is the core of these people’s expansive energy. As long as these people embrace this part of who they are, they will have unlimited potential.

Some famous Sagittarius Jupiter people are: Hilary Clinton, Cameron Diaz, Amy Winehouse, Vincent Van Gogh, Mila Kunis, Kendall Jenner, Ricky Martin, Snoop Dogg, Simon Cowell, Chris Hemsworth, Jada Smith, and Steven Tyler.

  • 1935 Nov 8-Dec 31
  • 1936 Jan 1-Dec 1
  • 1947 Oct 23-Dec 31
  • 1948 Jan 1-Nov 14
  • 1959 Feb 10-Apr 23, Oct 5-Dec 31
  • 1960 Jan 1-Feb 28, Jun 9-Oct 24
  • 1971 Jan 14-Jun 3, Sep 11-Dec 31
  • 1972 Jan 1-Feb 5, Jul 24-Sep 24
  • 1982 Dec 25-Dec 31
  • 1983
  • 1984 Jan 1-Jan 18
  • 1994 Dec 9-Dec 31
  • 1995
  • 1996 Jan 1-Jan 2
  • 2006 Nov 23-Dec 31
  • 2007 Jan 1-Dec 17
  • 2018 Nov 8-Dec 31
  • 2019 Jan 1-Dec 1
  • 2030 Oct 22-Dec 31




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