Scorpio Jupiter

*Scorpio Jupiter birthdates listed below

People with Scorpio in Jupiter often have struggles with seeing the bigger picture, their energy that expands is in the darker side of human nature. They have a lot of shadow energy, and can benefit a lot from shadow work.

They may find they have an easier time with occult energy. Anything they do to amplify their power using the resources of the world benefits them greatly. They may also have an easy time with joint finances. Any investments they make will be profitable, as long as they know when to leave before things get too bad.

For many people with a Scorpio Jupiter, their big picture has been hurt.Often times they are all too familiar with the negative sides of human relationships and human beings. They know about death and loss, or pain, hurt, and trauma, if not through their own experiences, then through their relationships with others who may come from a different world then them. It is through these avenues that these people experience and understand the world, but at the same time this can make it harder for them to maintain a sense of optimism. When they expand, they find suffering. What matters is how these people handle that suffering.

When fearful, these people may be good at controlling the things around them, especially when it comes to belief systems. They want to be able to control the perspectives of others. It’s when they learn to heal the pain and let go of deep seeded attachments that these people truly gain a positive understanding of the world. Transformation and letting go is their best teacher.

If these people pursue higher education, they tend to be deeply passionate about their studies. Perhaps they are fueled by their own heavy past experiences and desire a way to make change on a more global level. They may have a natural affinity for any studies that focus on the psychology of others. They aren’t the type to share much of their knowledge, however, unless they feel especially strong about their perspectives. If they travel, they may go to people who are in need of healing.

Even though thee people may often struggle with the bigger picture, they do tend to have expansive and lucky energy through intimate relationship. It’s their bonds that go beyond the surface level that really shapes their experiences and opens them up to opportunities and the world. Deep relationships with others will be their greatest adventures and learning avenues, as long as they are open to the ride and willing to get intimate with all of who they are.

Some famous Scorpio Jupiter people are:Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Elvis Presley, David Bowie, 14th Dalai Lama, Harry Styles, Mariah Carrey, Nicki Minaj, Tupac Shakur, Ellen DeGeneres, Anne Hathaway, and Kelly Clarkson.

  • 1934 Oct 10-Dec 31
  • 1935 Jan 1-Nov 7
  • 1946 Sep 25-Dec 31
  • 1947 Jan 1-Oct 22
  • 1958 Jan 13-Mar 19, Sep 7-Dec 31
  • 1959 Jan 1-Feb 9, Apr 24-Oct 4
  • 1969 Dec 16-Dec 31
  • 1970 Jan 1-Apr 29, Aug 15-Dec 31
  • 1971 Jan 1-Jan 13, Jun 4-Sep 10
  • 1981 Nov 26-Dec 31
  • 1982 Jan 10-Dec 24
  • 1993 Nov 10-Dec 31
  • 1994 Jan 1-Dec 8
  • 2005 Oct 25-Dec 31
  • 2006 Jan 1-Nov 22
  • 2017 Oct 10-Dec 31
  • 2018 Jan 1-Nov 7
  • 2029 Sep 24-Dec 31
  • 2030 Jan 1-Oct 21

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