Libra Jupiter

*Libra Jupiter birthdates listed below

Libra Jupiter people expand in beautiful and harmonious ways. They tend to have a lot of charm and expansive beauty. Any efforts they put into appearances or relationships will go a long way so these people may find that they don’t really have to try too hard if they don’t want to, however any extra energy they put in will go a long way.

Relationships will be one of the most enlightening things for these individuals. Any one-on-one interaction contributes to their world view. They may also attract partners who are lucky or who are from a different culture than them. It is their partners in which they fulfill their desires for something beyond their own community and daily energy. Opportunities for these people often shows up through someone else, so it’s important for them to take advantage of the beneficial relationship air that they have.

The way these people learn tends to be very passive and diplomatic. They aren’t the type to be competitive in their studies or travels, instead preferring to bring a partner along to embark on any adventures with them. They may have a hard time defining their passions on their own, so having someone to share this energy with can be very helpful.

If pursuing higher education, these people may be attracted to programs in beauty, law, or justice. They have a natural ability to see balance and fairness from a big picture point of view, allowing them to really highlight and facilitate harmony. It’s through beauty and balance in which their perspective grows, so as they take advantage of their ability to keep the peace flowing, the tend to gain a lot for themselves.

The way they tend to share their world view is through their charm. These people tend to be very well liked by others, and the same goes for their messages they deliver. At times they may be indecisive about which beliefs to believe. They prefer harmony, and deciding is one of the quickest ways to disrupt preestablished harmony, even if it’s only for a little bit before things get rebalanced. At times, they may be afraid to rock the boat with their opinions, preferring to share views that others can take in in more passive ways.

These people’s optimism is typically influenced heavily by the people they are around. If their partner is struggling to see the big picture, they are too. However if they have an optimistic, hopeful, and adventurous partner, that energy will reflect in them. At times, if they have no partner by their side, they can get a little pessimistic. With a strong partner by their side, they find freedom and a sense of optimism. They also tend to be extremely lucky in relationships. They have an innate ability to harmonize in a carefree and intuitive way, and this energy does them wonders in relationships with the people.

Some famous Jupiter in Libra people are: Michael Jackson, Madonna, Beyoncé Knowles, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Anniston, Christina Aguilera, Alan Rickman, Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Prince, Mozart, Jay-Z, and Paris Hilton.

  • 1933 Sep 10-Dec 31
  • 1934 Jan 1-Oct 9
  • 1945 Aug 25-Dec 31
  • 1946 Jan 1-Sep 24
  • 1956 Dec 12-Dec 31
  • 1957 Jan 1-Feb 18, Aug 6-Dec 31
  • 1958 Jan 1-Jan 12, Mar 20-Sep 6
  • 1968 Nov 15-Dec 31
  • 1969 Jan 1-Mar 29, Jul 15-Dec 15
  • 1970 Apr 30-Aug 14
  • 1980 Oct 27-Dec 31
  • 1981 Jan 1-Nov 25
  • 1992 Oct 10-Dec 31
  • 1993 Jan 1-Nov 9
  • 2004 Sep 24-Dec 31
  • 2005 Jan 1-Oct 24
  • 2016 Sep 9-Dec 31
  • 2017 Jan 1- Oct 9
  • 2028 Aug 24-Dec 31
  • 2029 Jan 1-Sep 23

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11 thoughts on “Libra Jupiter

  1. What do you mean by Libra Jupiter birthdates? I know that Jupiter is in Libra’s house for this year, is that what you mean or something else? Thanks for clarifying. 🙂


    1. It’s all the dates Jupiter has been in Libra, so if you’re born on one of those dates, you have a natal Jupiter in Libra, so the energies we are currently feeling from Jupiter transiting through Jupiter right now, these people feel all the time. Whatever Jupiter was transiting at the time of your birth, you experience your entire life 🙂

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      1. You still have a Jupiter! It just moved into Scorpio before you were born, so you’d have a Scorpio Jupiter which I talk about here:
        All of the planets move through the zodiac, so once they leave one sign they move into the next. Transiting Jupiter will move into Scorpio after Libra for all of us to feel on October 10, 2017 and from that point until it moves into Sagittarius people born during that time will also have a Jupiter in Scorpio! That’s what’s known as a Jupiter return for you, when Jupiter returns to the same position as it is in your birth chart (picture of the sky at the moment of your birth) it happens once every 12 years and can be some powerful energy full of opportunities and deeper understanding.

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      2. Thank you for sharing that. So this year of Jupiter being in Libra won’t affect me as much as next year when it is in Scorpio? I am a Libra. Sorry for all the questions I just find this fascinating. ☺

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      3. You’re welcome! It will effect you because you’re a libra, but you’re more than just a libra so it effects different parts of you differently. The Jupiter transit to your own Jupiter will give you a chance to see what you have learned, where you have gone, what you have experienced and how all that shapes your world views, that way when it gets into Scorpio, you’ve developed a good idea of what you need to work on, what you’ve already accomplished, and where you need to go to move forward. Jupiter transiting in Libra now on your Libra sun (being a libra means the sun was moving through Libra when you were born. The sun is the same month by month, so that’s why everyone knows their sun signs it’s the easiest to calculate!) this transit will give your sense of happiness (the sun) as well as your ego or pride a sense of luck, optimism, or even expansion. It’s a good time for you to create from the heart because it will go a long way!
        Have you pulled up your chart before?

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      4. I have but I don’t understand much of it, I know my moon is Aries, my AS is Scorpio and my MC is Leo. Sun is 4 degrees, 54′, Moon is 11 degrees, 52′ AS is 2 degrees, 35′ and MC is 9 degrees 38′, latitude is 42 degrees 43 north, longitude 70 degrees 58 west, Time Diff is 4W00, Universal time is 01:05 pm, Equation of time is 3mn42s, but all of that I do not understand. ☺

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      5. Degrees don’t always matter much when you first get started! And the stuff about the longitude and time difference don’t matter much either, really the picture of the chart works best. Personally I recommend
        I’d focus on learning what each sign and what each planet means, and then learning how to mix and blend. Like your Aries moon, the moon represents emotions, the mother, the past, and reactions. Aries tends to be self driven, independent, brave, action oriented, pioneering, and at times angry. Combining the too, you have a very independent emotional nature, may have had a very self driven or personal desire pushing mother who taught you to value your own path and passions. To find emotional comfort, you may seek out competition, action, or physical activity.
        Then you can add the house, which acts like an arena. I’m not sure unless I see your chart, but your moon should be in the sixth house (which is where I have my moon 🙂 ). The sixth house is known traditionally as the house of service, but it’s also routine, details, structure, work, health, body, and reality. With this moon placement, your emotional (moon) independence (Aries) expresses it self on a daily basis, perhaps focusing on the small things and needs routine or self improvement to fully thrive. You may also find that either you’re a mother figure through work, or you work with mother figures, perhaps those that teach you about the personal path you journey.

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      6. Omg, this very much describes me. I’m very detail oriented, love to organize, am like a mother figure at work. Yes to independent. I’ve seen the picture of my chart but again don’t really understand it all. I may have used, I’ll check tomorrow (well actually it is tomorrow) I have loved chatting with you and am grateful for all that you shared with me. It’s late and I should go to sleep, but would love to talk again!! Thank you again, goodnight and I’ll be back! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      7. I can help you break down what to look for in the chart tomorrow! I also offer readings as well that would be much more in depth if you’re interested on that level 🙂 if not that’s okay too!
        Goodnight and I’ll talk to you later!


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