Leo Jupiter

*Leo Jupiter birth dates listed below

Leo Jupiter people expand through their hearts and their egos. If they aren’t careful it can be easy for them to get caught up in their pride, so it’s important that these people focus on warmth and happiness. They have an expansive creative energy. What they create just grows and grows.

Whatever these people learn, they want to learn it in a fun way. They have a childlike approach to adventure and experiences. If they have children of their own they will find that watching them grow up teaches them profoundly about life. Fun helps these people see the bigger picture, and the more fun they have the more optimistic they become.

If they can’t travel, learn, or experience adventure it may seem like their light has gone out a bit. If they are struggling with optimism, the best thing for them to do is to try something completely new. It’s important for them to originate happy energy, coming from within going outwards, rather than outward within. Even if they can’t afford to get away physically to let loose and have some fun it’s important that they at least do so mentally.

Once these people develop their experience and knowledge, they generally love sharing it. They tend to have an infectious delivery method as well. People can’t help but be attracted to how they tell their story and their point of view.

At time they can be dramatic, especially when they are really passionate about their ideas. They desire a large crowd and being dramatic is often a great way to attract that. Also, any energy they have for drama expands, so even if they aren’t trying to be that over the top, it can be easier for them to reach that point.

They enjoy creating, and it’s through the creative process in which they are enlightened. They enjoy expanding on their ability to create and whatever craft they have they will go far in it. They may also enjoy learning about creative avenues that are completely new and different from what they are used to. They grow most through energy where their inner child and heart can thrive, situations where there is a sense of fun and happiness.

Some famous Leo Jupiter people are: Usher, Bill Gates, Pamela Anderson, Celine Dion, Ed Sheeran, Mick Jagger, Kris Jenner, Katie Holmes, Pink, William Shakespeare, Gordon Ramsey, and Johnny Cash.

  • 1931 July 17-Dec 31
  • 1932 Jan 1- Aug 10
  • 1943 Jun 30-Dec 1
  • 1944 Jan 1-July 22
  • 1955 Jun 12-Nov 15
  • 1956 Jan 17- Jul 6
  • 1966 Sep 27-Dec 31
  • 1967 Jan 1-Jan 14, May 23-Oct 18
  • 1968 Feb 26-Jun 14
  • 1978 Sep 5-Dec 31
  • 1979 Jan 1-Feb 27
  • 1990 Aug 18-Dec 31
  • 1991 Jan 1-Sep 11
  • 2002 Aug 1-Dec 31
  • 2003 Jan 1-Aug 26
  • 2014 Jul 16-Dec 31
  • 2015 Jan 1-Aug 10
  • 2026 Jun 30-Dec 31
  • 2027 Jan 1-Jul 24

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