Cancer Jupiter

*Cancer Jupiter birth dates listed below

Cancer Jupiter people expand from a very private part of who they are. They get a sense of home from this energy, and as a result are they feel the need to protect this energy.

They can be very past oriented, but they tend to view things that have already happened to them in a more optimistic light. They see the past in a big picture kind of way. When they take this outlook its easier for them to not be upset over little details that may not be exactly what they want.

These people are the type to expand their world through their family, especially their mother. It’s possible they had a very large family or had a lot of family figures to draw support from. Growing up they may have explored a lot of different things or have went on lots of family trips. Their family may also be highly educated, passing on the same mentally expansive energy to them.

These people aren’t the type to give share their philosophies with just anyone, and they are’t going to just let anyone guide them. They want to be able to trust who they seek enrichment from or with. They need to have a feeling of safety and familiarity.

As an adult, these people will have an easy time creating a home for themselves. They tend to not be too attached to any physical location, but rather prefer freedom in where they set their roots. As long as they aren’t feeling stifled, their foundations will grow.

Any nurturing they do will shift their perspectives and point of view. If they have a child, they may learn so much more about the world through their experiences caring for them. On the same note, if they want to have a successful career they have fantastic energy at building a good core. You can’t run the world with out having a strong home to go to at the end of the night. What these people put into creating that strong home will go such a long way.

Some famous Cancer Jupiter people are: Taylor Swift, Kurt Cobain, Steven Jobs, Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix, Halle Berry, Heath Ledger, Nelson Mandela, and Adam Levine.

  • 1930 Jun 26-Dec 31
  • 1931 Jan 1-Jul 16
  • 1942 Jun 10-Dec 31
  • 1943 Jan 1-Jun 29
  • 1954 May 23-Dec 31
  • 1955 Jan 1-Jun 11
  • 1966 May 5-Sep 26
  • 1967 Jan 15-May 22
  • 1977 Aug 20-Dec 29
  • 1978 Apr 11-Sep 4
  • 1979 Feb 28-Apr 19
  • 1989 Jul 30-Dec 31
  • 1990 Jan 1-Aug 17
  • 2001 Jul 12-Dec 31
  • 2002 Jan 1-Jul 31
  • 2013 Jun 25-Dec 31
  • 2014 Jan 1-Jul 15
  • 2025 Jun 9-Dec 31
  • 2026 Jan 1-Jun 29




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