Gemini Jupiter

*Gemini Jupiter birth dates listed below

Gemini Jupiter people tend to expand through their words. What they say can go a long way, even if they don’t actually say much. Their mental interests is what fuels their adventures and expansion process.
These people experience and learn most within their own communities, with their own friends, and their own siblings, rather than through foreign places or people. They expand through basic socialization. At the same time, if they do branch out of their daily range, they tend to do so for a brief time or with a social group of friends.
When these people collect their life experiences they tend to do so in an erratic way. They can’t spend as much energy in expanding one area of themselves in one go, but they can expand in a multitude of different directions relatively easily when given the freedom. Variety can be the most enriching thing for these people and their minds.
Lower learning contributes greatly to their perspectives and their ability to learn more complex concepts. Grade school may have been a lucky and expansive time for them. The more they talk to others and the more they learn about different things, the broader their picture gets. These people may be good at higher education as well, but will probably need the freedom to take a variety of classes rather than a strict course load.
These people greatly need freedom of thought. Their adventures begin in their mind. If they can’t follow through by putting their thoughts into the world they feel stifled.They also need a platform in which they can speak and others listen. As important it is for them to take in information, it’s also important for them to share it.
When it comes to explaining their message these people can be wordy but indirect, perhaps bouncing from ideas to idea until eventually they cover all their bases. If they travel, they may not like to go far or to stay gone for too long, but they always love to learn and to go. Anything new that they cab take in just helps their views grow and grow.
Some famous Gemini Jupiter people are: Kane West, Oprah Winfrey, Ashton Kutcher, Daniel Radcliffe, Cindy Crawford, Muhammad Ali, JK Rowling, Charlie Sheen, Emma Stone, Stephen Hawking, Bernie Sanders, and Shania Twain.
  • 1930 Jan 1-Jul 25
  • 1941 May 26-Dec 31
  • 1942 Jan 1-Jun 9
  • 1953 May 9-Dec 31
  • 1954 Jan 1-May 22
  • 1965 Apr 22-Sep 19, Nov 16-Dec 31
  • 1966 Jan 1-May 4
  • 1976 Aug 23-Oct 15
  • 1977 Apr 3-Aug 19, Dec 30-31
  • 1978 Jan 1-Apr 10
  • 1988 Jul 21-Nov 29
  • 1989 Mar 10-Jul 29
  • 2000 Jun 30-Dec 31
  • 2001 Jan 1-Jul 11
  • 2012 Jun 11-Dec 31
  • 2013 Jan 1-Jun 24
  • 2024 May 25-Dec 31
  • 2025 Jan 1-Jun 8

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