Taurus Jupiter

*Taurus Jupiter birth dates listed below

Taurus Jupiter people are extremely considerate in where they invest their energy and what experiences they take on. They tend to have major staying power. As long as they feel secure in their place in the world, they can go as far as they desire.
These people tend to have a great perspective of their own personal value, typically focusing on the bigger picture rather than getting lost in the details. Any efforts devoted to acquiring personal wealth or physical resources will go a long way. At times they can over do it, but they enjoy pleasure and luxury, and want the freedom to pursue these things.
They typically like to experience the world through their senses. Anything that tastes, looks, smells, sounds, or feels good broadens their horizons. They tend to place a lot of value on experiences, understanding, and perspective so they aren’t going to just jump into any philosophy or belief without making sure it agrees with every aspect of who they are.
Because they do invest so much energy into their world views, they can be extremely stubborn. They don’t want to have to tear down what they’ve spent so much of who they are trying to build. If they shift their views dramatically, it usually comes from the hands of a very heavy or dark experience. While these people have so much potential for light energy, they still have to understand the dark er opposite energy.
When these people share their ideas, they tend to do so in a very pleasing way. They make sure they what they teach has value, and they are dedicated to the reality of what they are saying. Once they commit to a perspective, they give it their all to share it.
If they go to college, they will probably benefit from taking things nice and slow. They do some of their best work when they have the freedom to go at their own pace, because they will always finish, no matter how long they take. They may have an adventurous energy, but they won’t dive into anything on a whim. They enjoy beautiful places and trying new things, and foreign cuisine is probably something the love. These people have such a stable perspective of the world that they only want grounding experiences to contribute to their life and philosophy.
Some famous Taurus Jupiter people are: Martin Luther King, Jr., Shakira, Mahatma Gandhi, John Lennon, Vladimir Putin, John F. Kennedy, Sandra Bullock, Bruce Lee, Orlando Bloom, Audrey Hepburn, Pablo Picasso, Adele, Robert Downey Jr., and Andy Warhol.
  • 1940 May 16-Dec 31
  • 1941 Jan 1- May 25
  • 1952 Apr 28-Dec 31
  • 1953 Jan 1-May 8
  • 1964 Apr 12-Dec 31
  • 1965 Jan 1-Apr 21
  • 1976 Mar 26-Aug 22, Oct 16-Dec 31
  • 1977 Jan 1-Apr 2
  • 1988 Mar 8-Jul 20, Nov 30-Dec 31
  • 1989 Jan 1-Mar 9
  • 1999 Jun 28-Oct 22
  • 2000 Feb 14-Jun 29
  • 2011 Jun 4-Dec 31
  • 2012 Jan 1-Jun 10
  • 2023 May 16-Dec 31
  • 2024 Jan 1-May 24

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