Aries Jupiter

*Aries Jupiter birth dates listed below
Aries Jupiter people tend to expand in a very self driven fashion. Their thirst for adventure is very much based on their own passions and desires. When they act from a primal place, they are learning about the world. Sex, competitions, or places with high masculine energies help them gain profound understanding.
They seem to be lucky when it comes to acting on their own desires, as long as they act in positive ways. Whatever they put into making their wants happen expands. Their actions go a long way. However, if they’re angry or don’t know how to self express, the resulting problems will be bigger than typical. As long as they know how to act, the good things grow.
The knowledge these people pursue is largely based off of their own energy and what that is telling them. They don’t always have a lot of predecessors to follow in terms of expanding. As a result, they have to fully tune into what their own being is telling them to do.
These people tend to love adventures, and are very fiery about exploring the world. They have a competitive edge to them, especially when pursuing knowledge. If they go to college, they tend to have a lot of energy for making sure they get the best education they can. They are passionate about learning, and if they can’t find the right teacher they are perfect at discovering a self-taught understanding.
Their competitive energy translates into how they view their philosophies. To them, they have the best viewpoint there is. If there was a better view point, it would of already been theirs. When they share what have they learned, they tend to be very passionate, if not forceful at times, but that is because to them what they have to say is so significant.
At times their view of the world can be kind of naive. They truly only have their own experiences to go off of. This can be limiting because they have a harder time learning from others, or it can be beneficial because they are purely themselves with no other outside influences.
Some famous Aries Jupiter people are: Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Rihanna, Al Pacino, Whitney Houston, Robin Williams, Zac Efron, David Beckham, Salvador Dalí, Nikola Telsa, Blake Lively, 50 Cent, and Hillary Duff.
  • 1939 May 11-Oct 29, Dec 20-31
  • 1940 Jan 1-May 15
  • 1951 Apr 21-Dec 31
  • 1952 Jan 1-Apr 27
  • 1963 Apr 3-Dec 31
  • 1964 Jan 1-Apr 11
  • 1975 Mar 18-Dec 31
  • 1976 Jan 1-Mar 25
  • 1987 Mar 2-Dec 31
  • 1988 Jan 1-Mar 7
  • 1999 Feb 12-Jun 17, Oct 23-Dec 31
  • 2000 Jan 1-Feb 13
  • 2010 Jun 6-Sep 7
  • 2011 Jan 22-Jun 3
  • 2022 May 10-Oct 27, Dec 20-31
  • 2023 Jan 1-May 15

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