Jupiter takes about one year to go through each sign.

It has an expansive energy to it. What ever it touches grows. This means if it touches something good, that good grows. But, if it touches something bad, that bad grows.

In your birth chart it represents your pool of life experiences. When you step out of your comfort zone and expereince something new, you expand your world view. Jupiter can be foreign culture, language, food, or lands. It’s things that take you so far out of the realm of what you are used to in ways that can help your perspectives grow in unthinkable ways.

Where Mercury represents your lower mind, Jupiter is your higher mind. It’s when you take all the information that Mercury collected and you synthesize it. You create your own philosophies and theories about the world.

Jupiter energy can also be found in higher education. The life of a scholar is the life of a Jupiter dominated person. Universities are the home to tons of students who come to learn and deepen their understanding in their field of choice. They take knowledge beyond the bare necessities into the realm of deep comprehension. Professors conducting research and teaching theirs discovers is also Jupiter. Jupiter not only wants to understand, but it wants to share that understanding with others.

It’s an adventurous planet. It represents long distance travel. It’s any trip that’ll take more than a day to do. It gives you the desire to explore things out side of your own daily reach. It often requires freedom for this very reason. With out freedom, Jupiter would be too tied down to truly grow and bloom.

Jupiter is also notorious for its association with luck, though I am typically weary of calling it luck itself. Whatever energy you invest in Jupiter goes a really long way, and luckily enough Jupiter is incredible intuitive. If you listen to the pull, it’ll take you right where you need to go. You’ll find that you really don’t have to put in much work when you happen to always be in the right place at the right time. It also tends to have our back. Even if we don’t go to the right place, usually the wrong place wont be that bad itself.

Where Jupiter is it’s easier to get a bird’s eye view of things. It asks you to broaden your perspectives, and when you zoom out past all the little mundane things, it’s often easy to see things will be all right. It’s a happy-go-lucky planet, not getting caught up in the hows, but rather following the whys.

Where do you have your Jupiter? If you don’t know you can find out here: http://www.astro.com/cgi/chart.cgi?btyp=w2gw&rs=3&usechpref=1

Personally, my Jupiter is in Sagittarius and the Sixth house. I tend to have an easy time with routine stuff, not having to put in a lot of effort. I also am really good at looking at the little details and recognizing how they create the bigger picture.

17 thoughts on “Jupiter

  1. I follow Vedic Astrology and by definition Jupiter is not any different as the two systems have a common ancestry. According to me, Jupiter is the manifestation of the sagacity of man kind. It is the highest position of a continuum of Mars – Mercury – Jupiter. Mars us the under-evolved man, Mercury is the learner while jupiter has got the attainment. But that doesn’t make him superior. It just is a stage in the growth story.

    Jupiter is expansion and protection. But Jupiter is also a morbid sense of high philosophy. Its the Holier than thou attitude. So Jupiter is both evolved as well as un-finished.

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    1. I agree. I have a Sagittarius Moon and I feel like I struggle between seeking understanding, and not thinking I’m better for my understanding. Instead I hope to teach my perspective so others can create their own philosophies based on what resonates with them.

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      1. I have Jupiter in 1st house in Pisces in Tropical system. I have this incessant sense of higher being, the ego not of a King but that of a Saint. I too like to teach people my ways as “obviously” mine is the only correct way.

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      2. I’m a Pisces Sun/Saturn, I’m all too familiar with the need to be seen as perfection and Christlike in nature. I’m the same way, but my dad was a lot like that too so I try to separate myself from the experiences and allowing other people to have different systems sense they also have completely different lives then me and may need something different to work for them.


      3. I have Jupiter in 1st house in Pisces in Tropical system. I have this incessant sense of higher being, the ego not of a King but that of a Saint. I too like to teach people my ways as “obviously” mine is the only correct way.

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      4. So do you like have a chat link or email where we can discuss this.

        I use Sidereal astrology and our placements are all different. But the fundamentals dont change. That’s why it would be good to exchange notes.

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