Election Day: Trump vs. Hillary

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a politically oriented person. I tend to work with energy on an idea level, and politics don’t really work best when things are only based on ideology, however I do think that I can pick up on the energy of both candidates, and can paint a picture of who they might be.


Now, starting with Trump. The first impressions that I get from him is that he has relatively little actual power, at least compared to Hillary. He only has two fixed planets, and they are both in the twelfth house. Both Mars and Pluto in Leo make him intensely ego oriented. He strongly values his masculinity and gets a sense of pride in his ability to be aggressive, dominate, and powerful.

Personally I look at Mars as what drives the Sun. It’s our energy for putting things in action, and for Trump his Leo Mars (which is already ego oriented) is used to put his Gemini pride out into the world. He gets a sense of ego from being able to manipulate words to convey his ideas getting him all the attention he could ask for. He likes to talk, and he likes to talk about anything to everybody. He’s not really going to be the type to go in depth with much of what he talks about, but rather he’s much more of a jack of all trades, master of none kind of guy, as evident in his steak, vodka, travel, airline, magazine, university, and mortgage company to name a few. This is opposite his Sagittarius Moon (which is coincidentally exactly conjunct my own Sagittarius Moon). He has an innate need to learn about things on a profound level. At his core, he needs to explore, explore, and explore so that he can see the world and see life that isn’t his own and learn from those experiences, and to learn deeply. I’m getting the feeling that he doesn’t really do that. He has a 29 Leo Rising, he’s much too prideful to be humbled by the world and it’s magnitude. Having this rising means he feels anxious to give off his light to the world, so much so that he doesn’t really have time to contemplate the energy he puts out into the world. He just wants attention, but doesn’t really know how to get it for who he truly is at his core, so he puts on a show the best he knows how, all the while ignoring the depth that he so desperately needs.

There are a couple placements that indicate someone who struggles to see fairness and balance. He isn’t a harmonious person in the slightest. He has Jupiter in Libra, and typically this means someone who is great at relationships and tends to learn from everyone they meet in a way that contributes to their life philosophies, however his is retrograde. Where he should have an abundance of energy ready to balance out everything he comes across, he actually has what sometimes feels like a deficit. For him to harmonize, for him to learn on a deep level (like what his emotional nature craves for him to do) he has to really want it. He has to go deep within and really work with what Jupiter means, and that can be hard to do, especially if he isn’t the type to put in a lot of work. He isn’t lucky and tends to make a lot of mistakes when it comes to trusting his gut. Jupiter is also in the second house, moving into the third. This is mostly related to money, values and moving those things into the community. If this placement was direct, it would be great for a political candidate. Lucky with money and diplomacy, especially when he puts it into the community? Sign me up. Instead, we have someone who is unlucky, especially when he doesn’t very carefully listen to his instincts and is instead led by his own personal thoughts and not the balanced collective picture, which can lead to some money losses, as evident in four of his business ventures going bankrupt. This is also conjunct Chiron, so he’s wounded about this.  He may also be wounded about his lack of appeal to women, which could produce the locker room talk or the reports of him offering women large amounts of money to have relations with him. I also feel like he hasn’t really healed any of this energy, and doesn’t really want to admit to being hurt, because with his Leo Mars and how we view masculinity in the world, he feels like he can’t really afford to be weak. Having this going on in energy that should be diplomatic is not really all that good. Weakness doesn’t want to appear weak, because then it becomes vulnerable, but part of true diplomacy is opening yourself up to vulnerability as you trust other people to honor their word.

The second placement he has that doesn’t bode well for peace is his Venus. He has it in Cancer, which makes him very reactive in how he responds to others. This is fine if he takes care of his emotions and his emotional security, but for some reason I just feel like he cuts himself completely off from that. He also has it conjunct Saturn, which means he has a lot of lessons to learn in harmony and emotions, and if he hasn’t learned those lessons he has a lot of repercussions that may be coming his way. It also means he builds a career based off of his emotional nature, which is reactive and not calculating. He doesn’t really have the energy to self-discipline which again doesn’t bode well for a political candidate. This conjunction is in the eleventh house, meaning he struggles to create structured relationships and emotional harmony on the battlefront of society. He needs to learn to understand the people and what they people actually need, not just what some of them say or think they want. He needs to focus on his actual deliver method. He is here to challenge society.  Whatever he does he will influence us moving forward. Either he could actually get involved in the world and maybe do some humbling humanitarian work allowing him to be more peaceful and prepared to run a country or he will show the world so much of what they don’t want, that they will be nothing but compelled to do something about the system that allowed him to reach the level of power he has obtained.

Now something else important to note is his north node conjunct his Sun and his south node conjunct his Moon. Typically I see interpretations saying you should stay far far way from your south node, however in my own personal experience I find that while the North Node is where you find your success and soul direction, you still have to balance in your soul’s past, especially if you have any unfinished business. If you leave the South Node energy unworked with you’ll find that when you try to move forward you just keep crumbling. This could actually be where my intuition is telling me he hasn’t really taken care of his emotional needs. Ultimately he finds most of his success by expressing his Sun, which is tenth house Gemini. He is striving towards exhibiting the mind on a public platform, expressing his thoughts and ideas for all to hear. However, if he’s having hick ups, it’s because he has to come to understand life on a profound level, starting with who he is to the world, and not just to the people in the world who likes him and strokes his ego. I don’t think he’s doing that, though I could be wrong, but I think ultimately that will be his down fall. If he truly got in touch with who he is, and got in touch with the bigger picture and his intuitive energy, I think he would do a lot better and express a lot better things to the world. Is this going to happen? I’m not so sure. I tend to be a dreamer so reality doesn’t always agree with what it is I can see as being a possibility. At least his Sun is going to be progressing into Virgo shortly. Right now it’s sitting on the first house cusp at 29 Leo, so he’s trying to squeeze the last of his ego out for the world. Once the Sun progresses into Virgo, he’ll have much less force, and will probably spend the rest of his life dealing with critical energy encouraging self-improvement. Hopefully he pays attention to the self work he needs to do, and then maybe he could actually help some people in the world with his position of power.

Personally, Trump’s character is not my favorite, at times just seeing him or hearing him speak brings me literal physical pain, however I can see a lot of potential for positive change in him. Do I think he’s fit for the job as president? Honestly, No. Do I think he think’s he’s fit for the job as president? No. I think he does on a cognitive level, however if you were to ask his soul or his subconscious, it would say absolutely not. If he does wi, I see him fleeing office relatively soon after being inaugurated. But then again that may just be my optimistic thinking.

astro_2gw_02_hillary_clinton.54101.12406 (1).gifWhen it comes to Hillary, I get the feeling that she has a lot more power than Trump, however I’m not sure of whether or not to completely trust her. Personally, I think she’s a better option then Trump however it still feels like being forced to pick between two things I don’t want. With Trump, I think it’s very obvious that he would be much better off doing something else somewhere else, however that’s really just my opinion and I’m happy to hear what other people think, because I know each and every one of us has a different experience that shape our world view and there is nothing wrong with that.

Overall, Hillary has a lot more emotional energy to her than Trump does, though she’ll never actually show it. She’s a Scorpio Sun (amongst many other planets in Scorpio), making her shine light on the darkest qualities humans carry. If these things are brought to light willingly, she can use the energy to clear out some deep seeded negativity that could really use some focus. However, if she try’s to hide what is coming up, it’ll keep seeping through until it comes up in all the ways she wanted to avoid. This is happening to her now with the email scandals. She kept things hidden, got involved in secrecy and manipulation, and now it’s coming back to get her. She also has her south node in Scorpio, although not conjunct her Sun, it is conjunct her Scorpio rising. Like Trump, she works best when she moves towards her North Node, in this case stability and harmony with others, however she first must balance in her South Node, the secrecy of her own actions, and letting go of control and power as she will find it brings more and more negativity to her life.

Also a water placement is her Moon in Pisces. Pisces is tricky energy because it is incredibly sensitive and it is incredibly receptive to outside energy sources. At her core, she may find that it’s hard to see through the fog of what is and what isn’t. She may be feeling like she is protecting values that help others and that those values come from who she truly is, however if she is working with anybody else she’s going to be picking up on their motivations and their energy. This means if she’s working with someone with less than pure intentions, she may try to push less than pure agendas. What really will help her is her taking alone time and truly getting in touch with herself and who she is, however this may be very hard for her seeing how she’s such a public figure. She also has mentioned in the past that because of her experiences in law school, she’s had to hide a very sensitive part of who she is from the rest of the world, which probably means she also hides that part from herself as well. This is also very common for Scorpio energy. They are vulnerable but don’t want others to know this, because vulnerability can be weaponized and targeted, and nobody knows that better than Scorpio.

She has a Virgo Midheaven, so she really faces the brunt of criticism from the public sphere, especially compared to Trump’s more comforting Taurus MC, and this can be really hard for her. She has to work hard to improve her public image, and really doesn’t have much time to rest and just be human however being human is exactly what she needs. Unfortunately, the public eye has a hard time seeing the human in her, and may put more pressure on her than necessary to be something nobody really is. There could be a lot of anxiety there for perfection, and when she strive to be the entire world’s idea of perfect, she can really put herself in a box, and that’s not something she really can afford to do for the sake of her own wellbeing and happiness.

One of my most concerning issues about her is her Mars conjunct Pluto in Leo. To me the water stuff just needs healing, so if she saw some kind of therapist or something to help her with guiding her through shadow work, things on that front will be fine. However, this placement may be much more stubborn and forceful in it’s expression. Her Mars in Leo makes her masculine energy something very important to her, just like Trump’s Leo Mars does for him. The difference is Trump tends to have more freedom to be masculine, while Hillary not so much. This is evident in how both have Pluto in Leo too.Hillary’s is conjunct her Mars, while Trump’s planets have a bit of distance between them. Pluto is notorious for abuse, and so Hillary may have experienced abuse of her own masculine energy, sexuality, or self-expression. She’s had to learn to control it and manipulate it so people don’t use it against her, because she has learned that if they can, they will. For Trump, he didn’t really have to do this to the same extent. Hillary’s conjunction is also in the ninth house, so this is happening on a grand scale, largely effecting her worldview and her belief systems. She lets her beliefs be formed based on hurt passion, and if given enough power and not enough healing, the consequences will be significant. She would benefit a lot from embracing her feminine side a bit more, however her Venus, representing the feminine, is in Scorpio, square her Mars. Her ways of being feminine clash with her ways of being masculine, and it’s also felt abused and controlled, so it needs healing too Ultimately, she needs to find balance and work on being more diplomatic and less fearful, and the more she works in the feminine, the better she will feel. Originally I was talking to GrandTrines about how the mars pluto placement can be detrimental, especially if she decides to go to war, and he’s mentioned it in his post here. Also worth noting is her Saturn in Leo. Even though it’s not in the conjunction with Pluto and Mars, Hillary has still had to learn to be very careful with how she expresses herself, her ideas, and her energy. This is polarizing to Trump, who has Saturn conjunct his Venus, making him be restrictive in feminine energy. Both struggle with balancing in the other side and have a lot to learn, so it’s really just a matter of who is more disciplined in nature and based on Hillary’s past and her energy, I would say she is. However, I also foresee that if Hillary wins, she’ll be making a lot of foreign enemies, though we may not really realize this until it’s too late. Ultimately, even though she isn’t as bad at inner-authority as Trump, she still has room to grow, but who doesn’t? Every president has their problems, and this one will be no different.

She has Uranus in the eighth house. Uranus is unexpected and unconventional energy, and hers is retrograde, meaning she struggles to express that part of herself in a direct way. She has largely suppressed what makes her stand out, which is her feminine energy in a male dominated field. While she felt like she was forced to do this, it can ultimately be problematic when the unexpected pops up and she isn’t prepared to deal with it. Her Uranus is Gemini, so she may also feel like she has to suppress her  voice and what she says. This can be bad when things bubble up to the surface, like the email conversations or the various things she’s said in the past that people bring up to contribute to her career.

She also has Venus conjunct Chiron in Scorpio, which is squaring that Leo Mars as mentioned earlier. She’s deeply wounded in her feminine energy, so much so that she just buries it into her subconscious, where it can’t really be directly used to her benefit, and where it clashes with how she walks her path. Opening up to being warm and intimate with people she meets would do her a lot of good in helping with this, though she’d have to open herself up to exposed vulnerability, which may be hard for her to do.

Her Scorpio Mercury is exactly conjunct her rising, and exactly opposite her North Node. She leads with her voice, and her ability to control her voice, however if she expresses herself in a negative way, a fearful or controlling way, it’s going to backfire when she tries to strive towards her North Node, which is building stability, honestly, and peace with others. On a positive note, she does have Jupiter in Sagittarius in the first house. Unlike Trump, she’s a very lucky person, as GrandTrines also discusses here. Whether people like it or not she’s going to go where she wants to go. Hopefully, this may ease up some of the harshness of her Mars conjunct Pluto energy in relationship to foreign countries, because she is so good at seeing the big picture and adapting that in, something that Trump has a harder time doing. This is a good trait to have when dealing with politics on a global scale, which is something the president should be prepared for. Then there is Neptune in the eleventh, while she may not really know what needs to be done to help the people, she honestly does want to help. She just has picked up on so many other people’s energy along the way she doesn’t really truly know what kind of help she wants to offer in the first place. What she really needs is to clean energetic house. Will this happen? One can hope. I do see her learning a lot about being in such a global spotlight, so it’ll be beneficial if she’s adaptive, however she does have a lot of fixed energy. I guess we’ll just have to see.

Whoever you vote for depends on you. It may be helpful to look at the nitty gritty of what their policies actually are, but I also feel like we are inhernetly drawed to be more critical of Hillary and are more caught up in Trump’s loud voice and strong opinions, so be weary. Don’t let the surface energy fool you. Actually look at the heart of these issues and who these people are, and at the end of the day, trust your gut. It knows exactly what you should do.

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