A Few Predictions that do not require astrology (2017 et seq, Presidential Politics)


A Few Predictions that do not require astrology (2017 et seq, Presidential Politics)

3  Election Predictions

No Astrology Needed

Before we elect a new President here in the United States, facing the choice between Donald Trump (and his family, hereafter “Trump” as is popular) and Hillary Clinton (who is a package with Bill Clinton, the impeached former President and their daughter), I would like to make a few predictions wihout astrology (and a bit of one with astrology).

  1.  Whoever is elected will face impeachment, though different reasons apply.

    If Hillary is elected, the same kind of conduct that has characterized the Clintons in the White House before (email scandals, Bill’s sexual predation, etc.) will continue and impeachment proceedings will be launched.

    If Donald is elected, his various comments (such as the “locker room talk”) and past actions (such as the Trump Casino boondoggle) will form the basis of…

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2 thoughts on “A Few Predictions that do not require astrology (2017 et seq, Presidential Politics)

  1. Thank you, again, for the reblog! I have made some edits, including a section that begins with this portion: “Temptation is the Philosphers Stone: (By the way, do you like Lucifer the Television Show? I do! He makes great points: his power stems, almost completely, from his ability to tempt. Were it not for temptation, he would have no power. But, then again, neither would any of the advertising on lamestream media.) But, let us be clear: temptation is the Philosphers Stone. In the crucible of the misery that results from our own bad choices, temptation leads us down a road that transforms us either by our death (literally! as in from alcohol or drug overdoses) or that metaphorically “kills” the old self leaving someone new, as was true with Saul / Paul.”

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