In Roman mythology Mars is the god of war. In astrology, he represents our self driven energy. It’s what we’d be willing to go to battle for. 
The way we defend ourselves or get angry will come from this planet. It’s also our general energy levels and what we do when we’re active, where we’re active, and how we’re active. It is competitive in nature, but also passionate and pioneering. 

The symbol for Mars is actually the symbol for male. Where Venus is our feminine energy, Mars is our masculine energy. Any strength we show outwardly will come from here, any independent strength. It also represents sex, especially in the primal sense. It’s less to do with intimacy and more about pursuing pleasure, unless there is some other influence at play. 
Where’s your Mars? If you don’t know, you can go here and find out:
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15 thoughts on “Mars

      1. Took a moment. Looked at my own page on Hillary at and the one for Donald at,_Donald I was thinking about the Samhain / 15 Scorpio connection for Mars. But, I think you have a point here: BOTH have Mars in Leo. Hmm. I have suspected for some time that, no matter which one is elected, they are going to take us into a VERY HOT war! I see your point: Mars (War) in Leo (the King) for BOTH….


      2. Well, Hillary has Pluto exactly conjunct her Mars, so whatever she brings us to will end up being complete destruction, however if we rebuild afterwords we can ultimately gain some strength, the question is, is the gains worth it. I’m sensing she’d also embrace the joint finances aspect of Pluto and borrow a lot of money from others to get things done. And even though it’s near the midheaven, it’s still in the ninth house, so she may make a lot of foreign enemies by accident, but also not in a very obvious way. Personally I don’t see us really knowing what she’s doing with other countries even though we see something on the surface level, though she will be active. This is all square that Scorpio Venus, her sense of diplomacy isn’t going to help anything, which you said on your page, there is hell to pay. What she needs to do is be open and warm when she interacts with others, but that really isn’t who she is. She also has Saturn in Leo, which means she’s feeling restriction concerning her ability to light up the world, and I see her learning a lot about what it means to be in the spot light of the world, in very destructive and masculine ways, which very well can end in a great war. War on what, I’m not sure yet.
        Trump on the other hand, has Mars and Pluto both in Leo, but with some great distance between the two. He has a power complex when it comes to his ego, but he doesn’t have one hundred percent of his energy to devote to this. He also has a 29 leo rising, so he feels a lot of anxiety over how to assert his ego, and can struggle to do so in a positive way. He has to feel like he has to get all of his light out into the world, that he really doesn’t get the chance to consider how he’s doing it. Personally, I feel like he’s a lot of talk about “make america great again” but not really with any initiative behind really figuring out how he’s going to do that. While he could be dangerous, I don’t know if I really see him creating as much rubble as Hillary has the potential to create. Personally I think socially he’s going to have the most issues, especially from social media. He has Saturn conjunct Venus in Cancer and the eleventh house, he has to learn how to hold back his reactive and emotional side, and really put in work to create a fair and balanced relationship with the people. He desires to be well liked, but he has to work hard to get others stamp of approval, and he needs to learn how to care about society and humanity. Maybe some humbling charity work will do him some good. He just doesn’t feel like he has much power to me, compared to Hillary. Like he’s all talk and show. Hillary just keeps it all bubbling under the surface.
        I also have a Leo Mars, in the second house, but it’s retrograde.

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      3. Your analysis sounds completely on target. I am about to write a piece (next, after I process my comments / posts) in which I state NOW that I believe, without ANY astrology, that whoever is elected will face (1) impeachment (which may succeed with Hillary, and I agree re: you assessment re: her destructive power); (2) a profound recession because Obama is dumping a mess on whoever comes in (and he keeps trying to cover that up); and (3) the incumbent will “tend” to go to a “hot” war (i.e. not a so-called “cold war” of diplomacy and spies) to amp up the economy to bring us out of the recession. I think if we have Trump it will be a “hot war” but if we have the Clintons it will be a “*HOT* war” (and may have nukes). Frankly, it scares the hell out of me. The Leo Mars stuff bears more analysis.


      4. I always hoped that whoever it is will end up finally facing all the repercussion of their actions, Hillary for her secrecy (and the fact that she was involved in the suppression of Bernie being a legitimate candidate for the Democratic Party, I think he would of truly cared about what he was doing, and wouldn’t use the position for a power complex and humbleness is a good trait in a president in my opinion.) and Trump for his taxes and just general lewd behavior. So it makes me happy you see them at least facing impeachment too. I’m not so sure about Obama dumping a mess, I generally like him and I feel like in a lot of ways his hands are tied by a republican dominated congress so even if he wanted to fix things he’s so late in his term that he’d really struggle to get much done.
        Do you think Trump would actually intend to go to war for the economic benefit? Because personally I feel like he’ll get into something on accident, or if he does it on purpose he may start something bigger than he intended. Hillary on the hand, I wish was smart enough to realize war isn’t worth it when the war technology we have is so destructive and so available. I’ve been talking about how war is so great for economy with my boyfriend a lot, and I really just wish we had ways of boosting ourselves without putting us in special and destructive circumstances. But my Leo Mars retro makes it act more like an Aquarius one, and I care too much about the people to completely destroy them.
        Also, when it comes to the analysis of the Leo Mars, I don’t know if you associate Leo with the Sun but I do, and I also look at Mars as the force we have to put the sun into action, so looking at both of their sun signs, Trump is going to put his Gemini ideas and words out there. He’s a dramatic speaker and that gets people to listen. Hillary is a Scorpio, she is intense, secretive, and psychological. She’s gonna have a lot of passionate energy for revenge or deep bonds with others. Again, much more potential their for destruction. Also mutable vs fixed. Trump will go where the politics lead him because he really isn’t a politician, he’s a businessman. Hilary has a lot more staying power. What she commits her energy to will be intense and will come with longevity. It’ll definitely be interesting to see what happens, but also definitely scary at the same time.

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      5. I like what you’ve said so far. Personally I’m not sure if I’ll write anything about it. I tend to be much more feelings and intuition based and so I feel like it can be unfair for me to give my perspective on certain issues because even though I do come from a background of logic and details, I don’t always show that in my work. I may just write up a character analysis and let others fill in the rest. I’m cool with linking to each other if you are, especially since you always reblog my stuff (thanks for that, by the way). If I write something, I’ll definitely do that though. My friend has been asking me to do something with the election anyway, maybe I should give it a try.

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      6. Yes, why not? We always need to sharpen the saw. And, if you recognize your biases in advance, then you are far ahead of most!


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