Capricorn Jupiter

*Capricorn Jupiter birth dates listed below Capricorn Jupiter people tend to have a very serious and restricted approach to adventure. They may have learned from a young age that you have to be careful or responsible with how you expand into the world, often from their fathers who may have had a wide range of [...]

11/30 Horoscope 

Overnight there was some good energy for getting a birds eye view of things, but there may have also been some pressure from the future. Don't be afraid to put in some work on an idea you know is with it. Who cares if other people may think it's over the top. There's good energy [...]

Sagittarius Jupiter

Sagittarius Jupiter people tend to have an inherently optimistic and happy-go-lucky energy. They see the big picture very clearly and directly, and can use this to their advantage. However, it is possible for them to over look important details because to them they may not seem all that important in the grand scheme of things. [...]

11/29 Horoscope

Your heart and your emotions sync up this morning. Get in touch with what you truly want. Explore yourself. Watch out for any lessons your dreams had for you last night. Your subconscious may be trying to tell you something you don't want to hear. Listen. A little later, your urge for freedom or rebellion [...]

Scorpio Jupiter

*Scorpio Jupiter birthdates listed below People with Scorpio in Jupiter often have struggles with seeing the bigger picture, their energy that expands is in the darker side of human nature. They have a lot of shadow energy, and can benefit a lot from shadow work. They may find they have an easier time with occult [...]

11/28 Horoscope 

Today is much calmer with not much going on. Finish up any deep healing that needs to take place. Later in the day, you'll be feeling much more free. Use this time and energy to go exploring. It's okay to be a little optimistic and hopeful for right now.  Transits of they day:  Moon enters [...]

Libra Jupiter

*Libra Jupiter birthdates listed below Libra Jupiter people expand in beautiful and harmonious ways. They tend to have a lot of charm and expansive beauty. Any efforts they put into appearances or relationships will go a long way so these people may find that they don't really have to try too hard if they don't want [...]

11/27 Horoscope

You may be a little apprehensive about your relationships with others because of all the recent energy. Don't get carried away with your own wants and desires, you'll want to keep your relationships and what you want for them in mind. A little later energy starts to flow a bit better between you and your [...]

Virgo Jupiter

  *Virgo Jupiter birthdates are listed below Jupiter in Virgo people can see the big picture through the little details. When it comes to routine energy, little effort goes a long way. They often find success in work, finding jobs they enjoy relatively easy, as well as in their health, being able reach their goals [...]

11/26 Horoscope

The heavy energy from the past few days carries on today, but nothing too intense. Just take some time to focus on healing, not suppressing, any pain or hurt that's still bothering you. Early in the morning, your mind may produce some very helpful, but very unexpected ideas. Go with them. Late tonight, take some [...]