Sun Conjunct Mercury: 10/27

The Sun conjuncts Mercury at 4 degrees Scorpio today, 12:16 pm eastern standard time.

The Sun represents the spotlight, shining bright and calling people to it. It comes straight from the heart and shows what the inner child enjoys and finds happiness in. At times it can represent your ego and pride, but at it’s purest form it’s a warm force that can’t help but attract others with its light.

Mercury is mental energy. This includes how we think and what we are thinking as well as how we communicate our ideas to others. It enjoys learning, socializing and taking in information from whatever source it can. It doesn’t have a long attention span, preferring to bounce around as the interest and focus shift, and when given the freedom to do so it really shines.

Both are in Scorpio. Scorpio represents the psychology of an individual. It’s how you think and behave and understanding why you think and behave that way. If you are someone who has a lot of heavy things influencing your behavior, you tend to be more control oriented. In the end controlling is really just a self sabotaging defense mechanism. While controlling a situation or person may temporary keep you from getting hurt, eventually that situation will backfire on you and that person will get tired of the control and leave, resulting in the pain you were trying to avoid in the first place. If you’ve learned to heal that heavy energy, Scorpio is great for intimate relationships with others. When you don’t have the heaviness of attachment or fear weighing you down you’re relationships become so much more powerful.

When two planets are conjunct, the energy blends and presents as one. Mercury and the Sun actually conjunct pretty often because of how close Mercury’s orbit is to the Sun. When this happens, you may find that your heart and your mind align. Whatever you’re thinking about directly soothes your inner child, providing a warm outlet for fun and happiness. There may be risk for getting caught up in ego matters, so be careful to not forget about other people too. If you have siblings, this is a great day to connect and share some of your more childlike energy. This is all happening in Scorpio, so you may find that siblings are a good outlet for any letting go that needs to happen, or maybe your relationship with your sibling get a little deeper. Regardless if you have siblings or not you may feel like your mind focuses on very therapeutic energy. Perhaps your thoughts go deeper into who you are and what gives you light. Be careful to not get too obsessive, but if you’re passionate about something right now, don’t be afraid to explore it. If you have anything you need letting go of, it’s also a great time to communicate and clear out what doesn’t serve you. Take some time to talk it out.

Lots of love and good luck!



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