Get to Know Me: Astrology Style

Hey guys! I found some questions on tumblr, and I added some of my own. I thought it would be fun to answer them, because I usually hate talking about myself on a public front. If you’re interested in answering the questions yourself, all or some, feel free to post them in the comments or comment a link to an actual post. I’d love to know what other people think!

  1. What is your favorite house for the Sun to be in?

During transits, the fifth house. The fifth house is happy, romantic, and creative. My fifth house is in Scorpio, so I get happiness through diving into the depths and finding reasons to smile. In readings and in other people, I really like ninth or tenth house Suns. The ninth house is where I have my own Sun, and while generally I don’t say a lot about these Sun placements I love talking to them about other things. The tenth house Suns are fun because I usually get to tell them to let loose and have fun and that’s always the best advice to give.

2. What is your favorite house for the Moon to be in?

I like to see the Moon in the fourth house. Usually this means a strong relationship with the mother and I enjoy seeing that in other people.

3. If you could recommend a book/website/blog about astrology, what would it be?

I learned the majority of my initial information from Alyssa Sharpe. She’s on youtube and does a great job at teaching about the components of astrology, but she can be a bit harsh in my opinion. Some people love it, but if you are sensitive like me take it with a grain of salt. has also been a wonderful source. If you have any wounds in need of therapy, this is a good site to start with. I also enjoy Jan Spiller’s books, especially Cosmic Love and Spiritual Astrology. She’s been the best at describing north nodes in such a thorough way.

4. Which zodiac sign do you have the most friends of?

I tend to meet a lot of Gemini’s, though never for very long. The only exception is my best friend, she’s a Gemini Sun Pisces Moon. Scorpios are also drawn to me, especially those with Aries Moons, though I’m not as always drawn to them. Libra’s and I tend to work really well, but they usually stay at a more superficial level of relationship. We get along great, but they just don’t draw from the depths of me. Virgo is probably my favorite sign to have around, but it’s important for them to have their own sense of identity or else we kind of blend together. I’m honestly not the type to keep a lot of friends, but I still meet a lot of people through astrology.

5. Which zodiac sign to you have the least friends of?

Probably Sagittarius. It’s my moon sign, but I just don’t really attract many people from that sign.

6. What do you think is the most negative/unfortunate placement to have in a chart?

I honestly don’t like to say any placement is inherently bad, but any strong Chiron placement or Saturn placement. Chiron is a wound that just doesn’t heal on it’s own. You have to go out and heal others to feel some relief. When put in sensitive place, like in connection with the Moon or the Sun, it can be pretty hard to deal with until you find an avenue for healing others. Saturn feels restrictive, and if you combine that with energy like Mars or Aquarius, energy that needs freedom and is more on the impulsive side, it can be hard to restrict in the way you need to. These people tend to have a lot more lessons and have to be a lot more responsible, versus some people who can be carefree and still be successful.

7. What do you think is the most postive placement to have in a chart?

A strong Jupiter, especially if it’s on the ascendant or the midheaven. I also think the Moon trine the Sun is nice to have as well.

8. If you could change two things about your birth chart, what would they be? And what would you change them to?

I really wouldn’t change anything, because then I wouldn’t really be who I am now and I like who I am now, but if I had to choose I would move my Chiron exactly conjunct my IC to somewhere later in my fourth house. It’s been a pretty painful aspect, but it’s what fueled me to help others so I am grateful for that. I’d also change my Mars retrograde. I lack a lot of energy to do things and I think people look at me like I’m lazy, but I just legitimately don’t have the fuel. I get a lot of what I want to do done, but I couldn’t imagine what all I could do if I had the energy.

9. What are your two favoirte placements in your chart?

I really like my Pisces Sun in the ninth house. It makes me sesnitive, but it also makes me understanding. I also like that it gives me a thirst for adventure and understanding. I also like my eighth houe Aqarius Mercury, although I wish I could of gotten all the benifits with out any of the pain.

10. What is your favorite branch/type of astrology to focus on?

Natal astrology is probably my go too. It’s the easiest thing to learn in my opinion, and it can usually get any job done. I also really like transits. As long as you know who you are and what energy is in the air, you can work with what you got to get to where you want to be.

11. Do you prefer to look at a chart as a whole, or do you prefer delving into the details?

Both. I don’t even do it on purpose, but I hone in on a specific area that is relevant and get an understanding and then I zoom out and put it into the context of the whole.

12. How do your friends/family feel about astrology, or you practicing it?

They’re pretty supportive. There’s some who I can tell aren’t that happy that I went in this direction with my life, but it makes me happy and that’s what matters.

13. Do you see astrology becoming a mainstream thing in the future? If so, when?

I think so and I hope so. It’s too helpful as a tool not to be. The depth in which people will dive into it will probably vary though. Maybe the next decade or so. The more I talk to people about it the more it spreads in my area, and I think that’s true everywhere.

14. What planet in astrology do you think best represents you?

I would have to say it’s a tie between Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is philosophical, big picture oriented, and focused on understanding the world. Neptune is empathetic, sensitive, and borderless.

15. What planet do you have the hardest time relating to?

Probably Mars. It’s way more direct and masculine then I am, and when I do act out Mars energy I’m generally pretty unhappy with the results.

16. When did you first hear about astrology and take interest in it?

When I was really young I used to play dress up games on the computer, and there was this one site called Zodiac Girlz that let you dress up each of the signs. I remember reading everything and wishing I was a Virgo instead of a Pisces. I didn’t really get into it then but as I got older it interested me more and more. At first I tried to deny it and say it wasn’t real, but then it got really big on Tumblr and as soon as I opened up to it, it just clicked.

17. Would you say that you’ve made a lot of friends through the astrology community?

Unfortunately not really. I’ve met a lot of people who I’ve kind of sparked an interest in this stuff with, but I haven’t found someone that I’ve really clicked with that also knows astrology in depth.

18. Are asteroids and very minor aspects important to you?

Asteroids are interesting to me. If I get an inkling one may be involved, I’ll look it up and it usually is, but I don’t generally interpret any regularly besides Chiron. Personally I don’t use minor aspects myself, though I don’t deny their importance.

19. Which planet do you like more, Pluto or Saturn?

Pluto. Pluto is a nasty devil but at least I know what it wants. Saturn is a bit harder for me. I have it in Pisces so it’s obviously not going to be something very concrete and structured.

20. Think about one talent that you have. Which position in your chart do you think represents that talent?

My ability to read people and to grasp astrology so quickly shows up mostly in my eighth house Aquarius Mercury. Mercury is my mind, Aquarius is pragmatic, social, and innovative, and the eighth house is deep, intuitive, and intimate. I don’t talk to people for long but we always talk about something deep. I’ve also always been a fast leaner, but only because I create my own shortcuts and understanding of things.

21. If you had a child, what would be the one position that you would want them to have?

Jupiter conjunct everything. I know that’s not actually possible, but a strong Jupiter placement, preferably next to a good Saturn placement. Like maybe Jupiter in the tenth house. I’d want a little bit of Pisces in there too, so they’d develop some empathy for others. So maybe a Pisces Jupiter conjunct Mid heaven. They’d need to have a strong Sun though, maybe a Leo Sun conjunct a second house north node.

22. Is there any planet/sign that you don’t think is good to be in the 5th house? Why?

Scorpio and Pluto. It’s what I have, but my Pluto is in Sagittarius. The fifth house is your childhood and it’s your happiness. Pluto and Scorpio represent death and hurt and pain and loss. It doesn’t have to of course, it’s also intimacy and bonds with others. If you have healthy relationships it’s great, but in my experience that doesn’t just happen over night. You have to put in work and tears to truly heal. Also, it’s pretty common in people who struggle to have children, and although I don’t want any, for those that do it can be hard.

23. Is there any planet or sign that you feel would be great in the 12th house? Why?

Personally I like Gemini there. Gemini twelfth house people tend to have thier own little mental world. I’ve always loved my imagination growing up and I think everybody could benifit from a little day dreaming.

24. What is the ideal position(s) for a potential romantic partner to have?

I like a good opposition. Me and my partner have three planets opposite, our Sun, Mercury, and Venus. It helps keep me on my toes while balancing both of us out. We both also have a significant amount of Libra and Venus energy, so finding harmony is doable. I think you want a chart you can see yourself in, but that isn’t really you.

25. What is not an ideal positon for a potential romantic partner to have?

Square. Some squares are okay, because they help you grow, but if all you have is squares, things are going to be tough. For me, I typcially shy away from people who are mars dominated.

26. Do you believe that your chart is your destiny, or only a tool to help you decide what destiny to have?

I think our chart shows our tendencies in life, and that includes the paths that we take. Do I think it’s concrete that if you have a certain placement something is definitely going to happen? Not at all, but the likelihood of certain energy playing out is shown.

27. What was the sign of the most attractive person that you’ve ever met?

He’s a Virgo.

28. What was the sign of the least attractive person that you’ve ever met?

It’s a toss up between two Libras, which is funny because they typically are very pretty.

29. Which do you think is more accurate, your natal chart or your draconic chart?

I wouldn’t say that one is more accurate than the other, just that my natal chart has more practicality behind it.

30. How do you feel about online or newspaper horoscopes?

They tend to be hit or miss. I write them myself weeks in advance, and they aren’t always accurate, but I think they genuinely are too general for everybody. It really depends on your own placements and how they play into what’s going on. Usually if they don’t work for me I see them working for someone else.

31. Name a song that best represents your Moon sign.

I’m a Sagittarius Moon, so I’ll go with Drops of Jupiter by Train.

32. Name a song that best represents your Sun sign.

I’m a Pisces, and so is Jhene, so I’ll go with Pretty Bird by Jhene Aiko.

33. Do you own any astrology-themed items?

Besides books, not really. I want a tattoo with my birth chart incorporated somehow, but I’m not sure on the design yet. I do have a lot of crytals, tarot decks, a crystal ball, and other new age things though.

34. Which aspect is harder to have, opposition or square?

I honestly love them both, but I would say square is harder to have.

35. If you have pets, do you know their zodiac sign?

I have a cat named Yeezus. He’s a Taurus Sun conjunct Mars, and a Gemini Moon conjunct Venus. He’s exactly his placements too. He’s both slow to act and skittish. Calm and grounding and playful. Independent and clingy. I also have an Aquarius cat who has experienced some trauma. He tends to steer clear of people.

36. Is your mercury sign an accurate representation of how you write/text?

Kind of? I have an Aquarius Mercury and I’ve always struggled with understanding the rules of communication. In my mind, if you understand my point who cares if I spelled things right and used the right grammar. My topic of conversation is definitely my mercury sign though.

37. What is one thing that you don’t like about your venus sign? One thing you like?

I have a Capricorn Venus, and I hate how it makes it where I really can’t afford to be emotional in relationships. The more I just plan react, the less it benifits me. One thing that I like about it is that when I do commit to someone, I truly commit. If I can’t see a future with my partner I won’t be with them.

38. How do you feel about the 8th and 12th house?

These houses are actually my favorites. I like complexity, and I’m here to heal. Typically, those houses need the most healing. I also find that I understand them quiet well. They aren’t uncomforatble or scary to me.

39. What’s your least favorite house?

I struggle the most with interpreting the eleventh house, but I think that’s pretty sterotypical for astrologers. To me it’s such a hard area to pin down, and I think people are sometimes out of touch with that energy so it’s hard to really connect with someone over a planet in this placement.

40. Can you tell someone’s zodiac sign without them giving you their birthday or not?

I usually don’t wait long enough before finding out someone’s sign to try to guess, but in the past I’m really only good at picking out Virgos and Tauruses.


41. Do you prefer to write, read, or talk about astrology?

Write and talk. I used to love reading about it, but I find that I actually learn more by synthesisig my own undertanding, rather than just reading others.

42. Astrology and religion aren’t usually paired, but do you think that they can be together?

Yes, although I am not religious myself. I think astrology is a tool to help better your life. I grew up Christian and if I had to view astology from that view point, I would say God gave us asrtrology as a tool, just like have gave us so much more. Why not use that to your advantage? If it helps you become a better person, whats wrong with that?

43. Out of the signs, which one would you want to live with? Which one would you not want to live with?

In my expeirence, living with a Scorpio can be kind of tough, especially if you end up on their bad side. Any sign too active may not be my thing, like Gemini, Aquarius, or Aries. I think a Virgo would be the sign I’d like to live with. Although I am Pisces out in the world, I’m actually very Virgo at home. Having someone who is organized, detail oreinted, and clean will really help.

44. If you could have a different mars sign, what would you rather have?

I actually don’t even relate to my Mars sign at all. It’s in Leo. If I had a direct Mars I don’t think I’d still like Leo. Probably Taurus.

45. How much of your day is typically spent doing something related to astrology?

Considering it’s my job? A lot.

46. Who is your favorite celebrity, and what is their sun and moon sign?

I really like Kendirck Lamar and Kanye West a lot and they’re both Gemini Sun Pisces Moons.

47. Are you interested in a career that is typical of your midheaven sign?

Yep! My midheaven is Pisces, so something healing and spiritual would be good for me, and that’s the exact path I am going.

48. Which is your favorite angle?

I really like the IC, but the relationship between the IC and the MC is one of my favoirte things to look at in a chart.

49. Do you use predictive astrology?

Not directly, but more and more recently I’ve gotten into trustig my gut on what certian energy means for the future. I haven’t had the chance to see much play out yet, except my sister won twenty one dollars from a lottery ticket I told her to get.

50. What’s one thing you wish you knew more about?

Uranus. I feel like I know the generic descriptions, but I have yet to connect intimatly with its energy.


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