Venus Squares Neptune: 10/25

Tomorrow at 9:54 pm, Venus squares Neptune at 9 degrees Sagittarius and Pisces.

Venus represents your feminine energy. It’s how you receive others and how you balance in the energy you get. It expresses itself through relationships and partnerships of any kind, not just romantic. Although it can balance and harmonize anything, it works best on a one-on-one level.

Right now it’s in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is optimistic and carefree. It sees the world from a bird’s-eye view, where the little things don’t really matter, as long as the big picture is nice. Sagittarius is also on a quest for knowledge. It craves adventure and understanding.

With Venus in Sagittarius, the feminine aspects of yourself desires a deeper understanding of the world, and uses others to discover it. You may feel more inclined to balance in an optimistic way, not getting bogged down in all the little flaws that can make a relationship difficult. As long as you can feel the sense of adventure through another’s soul, you will be content.

Neptune represents your soul energy. It’s is the antithesis of reality. Wherever it is, it blurs the boundaries so that you can transcend to a deeper level. It can feel very illusive at times, perhaps creating a feeling of disillusionment. It shows you what your soul truly wants, so when that energy doesn’t line up with what is, things can hurt and leaving you disappointed. It shows where we dream and what we dream about, both when we are sleeping and when we are awake. It also shows where we have room for unconditional understanding and love for ourselves and others. It creates shared energy. Because it has no borders, whoever or whatever is around merges into one. Because of this, solitude is often necessary where you see Neptune, where you can get in touch with what is just yours without the confusion of what isn’t.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, so it’s energy works a lot like Neptune does. It’s sensitive and intuitive, picking up on what’s around. It’s empathetic, always understanding what others feel. It desires to be perfection. It wants to heal itself and others all the way to the core. It’s notorious for escapism. Because it deals with what is not reality, you have to find a way away from what is real to really get in deep. There has to be a release of the pressure responsibility brings.

When Neptune is in Pisces, the energy is intensified. To truly get to know the soul you are going to have to \take the time to experience it, going within however you chose. At times, you may escape too far. It’s important that whenever you return to reality, what you did when you were gone hasn’t done any damage. You want ‘escaping’ to be a healing thing, not a hurting one.

When two planets square each other, they form 90 degree angles in the sky. Squares are harsh energy, often requiring some outlet for balance.

With Venus being so adventurous and exploratory through others, your need for sensitivity and tranquility may be harder to sooth. It can be hard to find some much needed calm among all the fire and passion. You may also be desiring some level of soul connection, but all you are finding is the energy to run away. Learning how to love from a distance can be essential.

Watch out for any of your dreams that may clash with what is real, especially when they are about your partner. When you get to know someone at their soul level, you often get to understand them at their purest form. Not everybody truly lives from their purest form. In fact it takes a lot of work to do so, so it’s rare to find someone who does. Look at yourself, for instance. How true to your soul are you? Chances are, you’ll find at least one way you aren’t there yet, so don’t be too hard on others. We’re all only human. Don’t get too disappointed at where others are in terms of who they can be. The ultimate goal is unconditional love, and that means loving at every step of the way. If you end up putting pressure on your partner to be what they’re not, they’re going to run. They need to feel free enough to explore who they are without dealing with the ideals of someone else, so do your bet to give them that opportunity.

If you take any adventures with your partner, literal or metaphorical, try to work in some alone time with yourself. I know you really want to explore with someone else, but there’s nothing wrong with diving into your soul all on your own. Your partner will still be there when you return.

To help deal with this energy, you can look at the midpoint of 9 degrees Sagittarius and 9 degrees Pisces. The midpoint is where the two energies meet halfway. Because the zodiac is a circle, there will be two midpoints.

Going the short way around, you get 24 degrees Capricorn. Capricorn represents authority. Being disciplined and truly deciding how you want to invest your energy based on future implications will create a positive outlet for what you are dealing with. Maturity will be greatly beneficial, however if there is a lot of deep seeded energy that needs to be brought to attention, this may not work as well. Easier energy means less work, and sometimes work can is needed.

Going the long way around, you get 24 degrees Cancer. Cancer represents the emotions and the reactionary self. When you just respond to what is going on based on what you are feeling, rather than being calculating about your energy, you may ultimately be able to solve whatever tension is currently in your relationships, but it will be the harder route. Be willing to put in some work, because you never know what you are going to get out of pure reactions. What is coming up needs to come up, but chances are it’ll be a little bit messy. That’s okay. Cleaning is therapeutic.

Let me know how this aspect may be impacting you. Check to see if you have any planets at 9 degrees Pisces or Sagittarius, or 24 degrees Capricorn or Cancer.

Personally, I felt the energy in my own relationship, with out even realizing what it was until I started writing this. How Pisces. The way I have been dealing with things have been very Cancer-like, letting emotions be the driving force. I know everything will work out, but it’s definitely messy energy. To balance it out, I’m incorporating some more self-disciplined nature of Capricorn as I move forward. Now that I got the brunt of my emotions out there, it’s time to put in a little work on dealing with the mess, and I need it. Plus, I have my own Neptune at 24 degrees Capricorn, conjunct my 21 degrees Capricorn Venus and my 28 degree Capricorn Uranus, all in my seventh house. No wonder I’m feeling this transit so strongly!

Lot’s of love and good luck,




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