It’s Scorpio Season!

The Sun moves into Scorpio tonight at 7:45 pm eastern time.

The Sun represents the general spotlight or current focus. It’s the heart and the ego. It’s creative, fun, and childlike.

For the past month, the Sun has been in Libra, putting the focus on our partners and how we balance out our relationships.

As it moves into Scorpio, expect things to intensify. Scorpio represents intimacy, when you really get to know the people you are with. It’s about taking those relationships we formed last month and bringing them to the next level.

It also represents some dark energies. It can signify trauma or loss. Hurt that has impacted on a psychological level. Things like abuse, rape, death, deceit, or manipulation.

If you aren’t dealing with pain on a direct level, it can pop up in other ways. Scorpio can represent your controlling side. When you’ve been hurt in the past, you try to do your best to prevent more hurt from happening in the future. To do this, you control, either how you connect with others or how others connect with you. Unfortunately, controlling energy does the exact opposite of what you want it too. By controlling, you are limiting others ability to prove you wrong. In fact, others may feel stifled and repressed in a way that completely backfires on you, and do the exact things you were trying to avoid all because of how you went about avoiding them.

If you’re finding yourself struggling to let go during these next few weeks, focus on getting to the root cause of why you’re upset. Whatever you find there, spend some time healing. This is a time to get in touch with your shadow side. This transit will bring to light those parts of you that you’ve hidden away because they are too nasty or hard to deal with, or too that are too vulnerable to not protect. Use this as an opportunity to truly grieve, heal, and let go. It’s okay to let new things in, but only after you’ve cleared the way.  You may find your relationships improving greatly because of any purging you do.

During the Sun’s transit through Scorpio, it will make several aspects.

  1. On October 27th at 12:16 pm the Sun conjuncts Mercury at 4 degrees Scorpio.

Mercury represents your mind, your siblings, and your communities.  When the Sun conjuncts Mercury, they are at the exact same position in the sky. Your heart and your mind blends together as one. Communication will be very clear today. Do your best to voice anything you need to voice, but also take an opportunity to listen to other people’s hearts. Conversation will be exceptionally healing, if not a little dark. Try opening up a little bit. It’s okay to be vulnerable.

2. On October 30th at 1:38 pm the Sun conjuncts the Moon at 7 degrees Scorpio.

The Moon represents your emotions, your private self, and your inner core. When the Sun conjuncts the Moon, your heart and your emotions align. This is a great time to retreat inward and truly ask yourself what you want, what you need, and how to better bring those things into your life. Take the time to purge any pain, hurt, or negativity. It’s a great day for letting go and pulling some deep seeded weeds.

3.On November 1st at 4:17 am the Sun trines Neptune 9 degrees Scorpio and 9 degrees Pisces respectively.

Neptune represents illusions, dreams, fantasy, and the subconscious. It’s the undercurrents that make up reality, the things we only see when we’ve learned how to pay attention to the magic behind it all. When Neptune is in Pisces, it’s in its natural energy. Trining the Sun, we find an easy relationship between the energy. Find a connection to your soul to fuel your heart and how it creates. Take some alone time and really evaluate what you need in your life and what doesn’t serve you. Don’t be afraid to let go of what needs to go. It’ll change your reality in amazing ways.

4. On November 7th at 3:25 am the Sun sextiles Pluto at 15 Scorpio and 15 Capricorn respectively.

Pluto is Scorpio’s ruler. It represents the darker energies, just like Scorpio does. Right now, it’s in Capricorn, meaning it’s energy is focused on authority, structure, and your career. When it sextiles the Sun, there is a harmonious flow. The way your heart wants to let go helps as you transform your career and the true power your inner authority holds. Don’t be afraid to build big. You’ve got the power.

5. On November 14th at 8:52 am the Sun opposes the Moon at 22 Scorpio and 22 Taurus, respectively.

When the Sun opposes the Moon, there’s an opposition between your heart and your emotions. At your core, you may be craving stability and grounding, but the focus has been on letting go and intensity lately so it may be harder to get the satisfaction you desire. The best way for you to build the positivity you desire is to first heal the negativity. Do your best to release what is no longer serving you.

6. On November 21st at 4:22 pm the Sun moves into Sagittarius

It’s the last day of Scorpio season! After the heavy energy of Scorpio, your heart is going to shift to Sagittarius energy. This will be much more optimistic and freeing. Take advantage of the adventurous spirit!

Also, watch out for any of your planets that are in Scorpio. During this transit, they will be highlighted. Anything in Taurus will feel opposed, work in balance. Pisces and Cancer, as well as Capricorn and Virgo, will receive a positive boost. Leo and Aquarius may have a harder times so try not to be too stubborn.

Feel free to leave any comments on Scorpio season and how it may impact you! Or, ask some questions if you need some clarification.

Lots of love and good luck,



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