Tarot of the Day: 10/18

Tarot of the Day: Guide of Crystals

In this tarot deck, the guide represents someone at peak maturity. They have gone the distance and have developed the understanding needed to help others. The crystals represent wealth and resources. The guide of crystals is about material maturity. It’s learning how resources truly flow.

On this card specifically, you see Saint Nicholas. He’s holding his bag full of toys that he’s bringing to the children. In the background there is a white rabbit running trough the snow. On the horizon, the sun is setting.

The historical context of Saint Nicholas is that he was born into a wealthy family and felt as though his life purpose was to share his wealth. As he gave to more and more people, the generosity spread. People who received were now giving to others.

Know that you are very blessed. True maturity is knowing you have more than enough for you, so that you can afford share with those in need. When everybody shares, everybody gets more, including you. Remember the wonderful power of generosity. And ask yourself, how can you share your wealth with others today?

Saint Nicholas is also a magical figure. From the child’s perspective, he is a mark of anticipation of the good that is to come. We all have an inner child, and we all have good coming our way. Don’t lose hope, but rather open yourself up to the possibility of abundance.

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