Mars Conjuncts Pluto!

Mars conjuncts Pluto at 15 degrees Capricorn tomorrow morning, 7:22 am eastern time.

Mars is our masculine energy. Everyone has masculine energy, no matter your sex or gender expression.

Mars is the outward energy you use to either put your heart into the world or to defend and pursue your ego desires.

Pluto represents your darker energy. It’s your psychology and what goes into shaping your thoughts and your behavior. If there’s any trauma, it will fall under Pluto’s domain. Pluto is also about healing. It likes to bring you to rock bottom so that you can rebuild something completely new, something that is much more beneficial to who you are at your core.

When these two planets join together, there is a purging and a cleansing of your masculine side. Just yesterday morning, Venus moved out of Scorpio, the sign Pluto rules. Your feminine energies and your relationships just finished letting go of what weighed them down, now it’s time for the other side. You healed the feminine, now it’s time to heal the masculine.

Ask yourself what shapes your actions, your anger, your drive, and your passion. How has your hurt in the past limted your force?

This energy is going on under Capricorn. Capricorn is all about the future. It’s your plans and how you work now so you can play later. It requires a responsible energy. It calls on your inner authority. If you don’t act with a sense of discipline, it will respond with lessons. It knocks you down a peg so that you understand the implications of your actions.

With the Mars Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, it’ll become very evident where your past hurts hold you back from your future successes. Most likely these hurts have come at the hands of other people, especially authority figures. Don’t give others that kind of power over you. You have amazing potential, you can create whatever empire you want. You have all the power in the world, so let yourself hurt for now. Cry it out and get it all out of your system. Then tomorrow, go on to conquer the world like only you can. 

Lots of love,


A concentrated gamma ray strikes a planet, increasing the core pressure literally tore it open.

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