Venus Moves into Sagittarius!

Venus goes into Sagittarius tomorrow morning, around three am eastern time.

Venus is the planet of love. Relationships are her domain. She represents feminine energy, which all of us possess regardless of your sex or gender expression.

Since September 23rd, Venus has been in Scorpio. Scorpio is intense. There is a heaviness to this energy. When a planet moves through Scorpio, it is time for you to purge. Let go. It calls for healing of the psychology. Any past energy that impacts current behaviors and thoughts will come up to be sorted through and released from your psyche.

While Venus has been in Scorpio, you may have found that you can tap into healing energy through your relationships and your partners. Others may have reflected your shadow side to you, and you may have reflected theirs to them. This isn’t a transit where you should be afraid, but rather you should embrace the courage you need to deal with the hurt once and for all. If you haven’t taken the chance to deal with what’s bothering you, take the rest of the night to focus on this much needed work.

Sagittarius energy is all about what you do once you’ve let go of all that dark and weighty energy, when you move past everything. It’s about freedom, it’s about discovering the meaning of life. It’s going on adventures and expanding your world view. It wants to broaden your perspectives on what else is out there. There is more than just the pain you may have come to know so well. You’ve been so heavy for so long, but you can heal. You can move on to something new, exciting, and expanding, and you will.

With Venus in Sagittarius, it is relationships that set off your adventurous spirit. Your partners will expand your optimistic energy, being a source of wanderlust for you. You will reflect your desire for understanding through them, and they will gain perspective through you.

At times you may feel like you get a sense of luck and good energy from your relationships, but at the same you will still desire a sense of freedom. You may have an easier time balancing in the element of distance, learning that love truly has no limits.

Beyond your own energy shifts triggered by relationships, the actual energies created between you and your partners will lift. You may have felt that recently things have been intense. Perhaps a lot more heaviness has been coming up between you and your partner than you’re used to. With Venus moving into Sagittarius, you can say goodbye to that for now. Planning a trip or going on a spontaneous adventure with your partner will do both of you some good. Let things be light for a little while.

While Venus is in Sagittarius, it will make a few significant aspects to some other big planets.

1. On October 25, Venus squares Neptune.

Squares are harsh energy. They require you to put in work, but the results are usually pretty beneficial when all is said and done. Neptune is all about the subconscious. It’s the things that go on underneath the everyday reality. It’s what you have to tap into your soul to truly understand. At times, it can create illusions. It shows where you create dreams and fantasies, what you want in your ideal world. If you can create these idealisations in your reality, things go well. If not, you can end up feeling very disappointed. Neptune is in Pisces, the sign it rules, so all this energy will be intensified during this aspect.

With Venus squaring this energy, you may be feeling like your big picture view hasn’t been lining up exactly with what it is your soul desires. It’s possible that you may feel disillusioned by your partners. You have created such a vision for what you want, but you’ve realized that that’s not what you actually have. Everyone is human, including your partner. Try to bring your expectations down to Earth a bit and practice some unconditional love. Maybe take some alone time to recharge and really get in touch with what truly matters. Then come back, and work with what you have. Nobody is saying you can’t have your dreams come true, just know that you actually have to make it happen. Reality isn’t going to just change on its own.

2. A few days later, on October 29, Venus conjuncts Saturn.

When two planets conjunct, their energy syncs up, blending together to express as one. Saturn is restrictive. It’s the authority figure of the sky. It’s all about responsibility, concerning your future and how you will create your security. It’s your career, it’s what you work all your life to build so that once you finally make it, you can sit back and truly enjoy the fruits of your labor.

When this energy combines with Venus, you largely see how your relationships contribute to your future. If you’re in the wrong partnership, or if you are behaving poorly in a relationship, you may have some hard lessons pop up. If you’ve been working hard and doing what you know needs to be done, you’ll probably see some benefits come back to you. Whatever you do, think about where you want to be. What’s your five year plan, your ten year plan? How does your partnerships play into where you want to be? What’s your partner’s five year plan, their ten year plan? How do you play into where they want to be? Any future plans you create with your partner on this day will truly go the distance. Do your best to think responsibly and practice self discipline. It will definitely benefit you and your relationship.

3. The last major aspect Venus makes before it moves on into Capricorn is on November 5th, when Venus trines Uranus.

Trines are easy energy. If you don’t put any effort in things will turn out just fine, but if you do put something in you will be greatly rewarded. Uranus is unconventional. It’s social, and societal. Uranus is the planet that challenges us as a human race to improve and think outside of what is and what should be. It’s rebellious energy. Right now it’s in Aries, so it’s focusing on your own self driven energy.

When this energy trines Venus, you find that whatever unexpected passions you are fueled by will benefit your relationships. Embrace the unconventional, and things will move leaps and bounds for both you and your partnerships.

Even if you aren’t in a relationship during Venus in Sagittarius, watch out for other one-on-one dynamics you experience with others. A relationship doesn’t have to be romantic to be significant.

Venus moves into Capricorn on November 11th, so let your relationships grow and expand as much as possible until then, because once Venus moves on things get much more serious. Also, take note if you have any planets in Sagittarius. If so, Venus will be touching on their energy through her transit here as well.

Feel free to leave a comment on how Venus in Sagittarius may affect you, or how you may have seen Venus in Scorpio play out. If you’re not quiet sure what this transit means for you, you’re welcome to leave a comment with some questions and I’ll answer them when I get the chance.

Lot’s of Love!



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