Tarot of the Day: 10/7

Tarot Card of the Day: Child of Wands, reversed. 
The child represents a curious and pure heart. Children trust their instincts and love to pursue joy. Wands represent fire. They are creative, passionate, and intuitive. When a card is reversed, it means there can be a block to this energy. There may be something stopping us from being happy and passionate. 
This card depicts the story of The Little Prince. The Little Prince is a character from a different planet that comes to Earth. Here, he finds a man and transforms his life with simplicity and love. As the Prince leaves to return back to his planet, he gives the man a star powerful for its laughter. 
This specific card shows a child riding on a pink butterfly. He’s amongst the stars and the Earth and Moon are in the background. 
When we open ourselves up to childlike gifts and our innate curiosity, we receive, but there’s something blocking us from this energy right now. 
What’s keeping you from your happiness?

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