Tarot Card of the Day 10/6

Tarot Card of the Day: Aladdin & the Magic Lamp
In the original Aladdin stories, Aladdin is sent to obtain a lamp from a garden by a sorcerer. Once he finds the lamp he realizes he can’t leave. After accidentally rubbing it and releasing a genie, he wishes to return home to his mother. Later, his mother tries to sell the lamp for money and food, when another genie appears. Eventually Aladdin has to use his cunning wit to defeat the sorcerer and stop him from using the lamp for his own evil intentions. 

In this specific card, you see a small child rubing a magical lamp, releasing a genie. He’s kneeling on a decorative carpet with a sword, a lamp, an altar of crystals, and a wand, symbolic of the four elements. In the background there is a bookcase and a window half open with a bird sitting on the edge. 

This card is symbolic of the genuis potential in any child. Genuis literally means “to be inhabited by a genie” in Latin. The imagination powers of the child is what fuels this genuis. It was Albert Einstin who said imagination is more important than knowledge. There is so much potential in those three wishes. 

This card is symbolic of how our thoughts, words, and actions shape our relaity. Like Aladdin, we all have access to this hidden magic, if only we know how to rub the lamp. If only we know how to use the potiential we have. With this card, it’s important to think creatively, not logically and analytically. If you knew your thoughts were magic, how would you think differently?
Be careful to surround yourself with positive thoughts and energies. You are creating your reality. If you don’t like where your at, start with your thoughts. 

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