Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. Because of this, it will only ever be one sign away from your Sun sign. 

It travels quickly and retrogrades often, going forward and backward and then forward again. It has an erratic energy to it.  
In our charts, it rules short distance travel. It’s our community and who and what we find there. Anything we can do in a day is Mercury’s domain.  

It’s our mind. It’s how we learn, how we socialize, how we talk, and how we think. 

Mental energy can be flighty. Mercury can show us where we need variety. Our hobbies are often found in our Mercury placements. It shows where we can be a jack of all trades, but master of none. 

Mercury also rules our siblings. It represents grade school and all the types of characters we meet there and all the information we learn. 

Where’s your Mercury? If you don’t know you can draw up your chart here and find out!

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