Tarot of the Day: 10/4

Tarot of the Day: Ace of Swords
The ace marks the beginning. The swords are air energy, meaning the mind and thoughts. It also represents cutting through the fog. The swords represents the truth. The Ace of Swords is about the beginning of thought, the beginning of the truth. 

In this card, you see King Arthur pulling the Excalibur sword from stone. In the stories, this ensures him as the rightful heir of the throne. The sword is glowing. There is also two yellow roses in the bottom corner, and the town in the background.

This card is largely about intuition. When King Arthur pulls the sword from the stone he is accepting his destiny. Let the beginning thoughts of your destiny reveal themselves. You have a clear purpose here. Take the sword out of the stone and begin. This isnt to say you are bound to fate, but rather you have the free will to do what your heart already knows you should do. 

The stones in the picture are: rose quartz for love, clear quartz for clarity, prehnite for prophecy, yellow aventurine for power of the self, and a selenite wand for directing power. 

If your interested in getting an astrology reading to talk about what you’ve been thinking about doing and how to best approach it, feel free to message me. I’m also starting up tarot readings, $5 for two paragraphs, just for you. Message me for details. 


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