Aries Moons 

Aries Moons are inherently fiery people. They can be quick to anger, especially if they are feeling emotionally vulnerable. 

They tend to have independent and self driven mothers, which will reflect in their own nature. Their gut takes care of themselves, first and foremost. 

There is often a nativity to Aries Moons. They can derive emotional support from competitive energy, especially when they are winning. They tend to have an active home life and they need outlets to burn out emotional energy. 

Some famous Aries Moons are: Janet Jackson, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Ellen DeGeneres, Pink, Whitney Houston, Tyra Banks, Salvador Dali, Kendall Jenner, Bernie Sanders, and Andy Warhol. 

Want to know more about being an Aries Moon? Message me to book a reading :)Want to know what Moon sign you are? If you’re reading this because you’re an Aries, while you may actually relate, I’m not necessarily talking about you. Go here to find out what sign your Moon is in.


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