10/31 Horoscope 

Happy Halloween! This morning is a good time for all things dark. Purge any negativity that is currently active. Maybe get some herbs or crystals that could help add to your power. Later tonight, you may be urged to go after something you really want. Do it.  Transits of the day:  Moon sextile Pluto, 4:49 [...]

10/29 Horoscope

Some unexpedected anger may come up today, or maybe some sexual energy from the past. Take some time alone where you can feel comfortable enough to deal with your emotions. Later tonight, your relationships may align perfectly with what you want for the future. There can be an air of restriction, so don't be afraid [...]

10/28 Horoscope 

Today you may start out feeling extra lucky, especially when you sync up with someone else. Think about how to take care of your future security a little bit. Any effort will get a boost. Later in the day, things may get a bit heavier. Do your best to not give in to any power [...]

Sun Conjunct Mercury: 10/27

The Sun conjuncts Mercury at 4 degrees Scorpio today, 12:16 pm eastern standard time. The Sun represents the spotlight, shining bright and calling people to it. It comes straight from the heart and shows what the inner child enjoys and finds happiness in. At times it can represent your ego and pride, but at it's purest [...]

10/27 Horoscope

Today is a good day to hang out with a friend or your partner. Another person may bring you some much needed comfort. Around noon, your mind and your heart will come together to focus on clearing some of the negative energy that has been coming up. Don't be afraid to talk it out with [...]

10/26 Horoscope

Push through any restrictions you may be feeling early in the morning. Any transformations or letting go that you do today serve you well. Your relationships may be feeling extra good right now. Anything you do in that avenue will go a long way. Later this afternoon do something active and burn off any energy [...]

Venus Sextiles Jupiter: 10/26

Venus Sextiles Jupiter tomorrow at 11:19 am at 10 degrees Sagittarius and 10 degrees Libra. Venus represents relationships. It's feminine energy, energy that you take within to work with before releasing it outwards with others. It's how we balance ourselves with another person. It's how we bring in a completely different body of energy and create [...]

10/25 Horoscope

You may have been more mentally active over the night, perhaps something came up that can help heal your heart. Later in the day, you may see some clashes in your relationships. Try not to be too disillusioned if someone isn't exactly who you thought they were. You may have had some unrealistic expectations in [...]