Virgo Moons

Virgo Moons get emotional security from taking care of reality. They need to have a sense of routine and order as well as the freedom to improve. 

They find comfort in working. Their mothers were the type to work a lot, even if she didn’t have an outside the home job. She tends to focus on the small and mundane things, and this is reflected in the Virgo Moons own critical eye, especially in the home. Service is soothing to Virgo Moons. They care a lot about those they call family and show this through their actions. They strive for perfection at their core, and know that they have to pay attention to every little detail to get themselves there. 

Some famous Virgo Moons are: Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Zac Efron, JK Rowling, Stephen Hawking, Serena Williams, Gordon Ramsay, Chris Hemsworth, Jada Smith, Lorde, and Tom Felton.  

Want to know more about being a Virgo Moon? Message me to book a reading 🙂

Want to know what Moon sign you are? If you’re reading this because you’re a Virgo, while you may actually relate, I’m not necessarily talking about you. Go here to find out what sign your Moon is in.


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