Leo Moons

Leo Moons come alive at night and i the home. Their inner self has a passionate desire to shine very brightly. 

They tend to have dramatic mothers and this largely shapes their own dramatic emotional nature. They enjoy creating a home that is welcoming to anyone, to be a place where anyone can lift their spirits. They have an intense need for happiness and want to share this with their own family. At a young age, they may have felt like it was their job to provide their family some kind of light, and as an adult they tend to find a family that recreates this. Having others to shine for only make these people shine brighter. 

Some famous Leo Moons are: Julia Roberts, Mahatma Gandhi, Tom Cruise, Lana Del Rey, Paris Hilton, Paul McCartney, Halle Berry, Tom Hanks, Ringo Star, Anne Frank, David Bowie, and Megan Fox. 

Want to know more about being a Leo Moon? Message me to book a reading 🙂

Want to know what Moon sign you are? If you’re reading this because you’re a Leo, while you may actually relate, I’m not necessarily talking about you. Go here to find out what sign your Moon is in. 



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