Pluto Direct: September 2016

Pluto went direct today! Time to come out of the shadows. 

Pluto represents transformation, attachment, death, abuse, trauma, psychology, hurt, intimacy, sex. It’s the farthest planet from the Sun, it’s the parts of us that get the least amount of light. 

Pluto is a very slow moving planet. It takes 248 years to go through all twelve signs (the Sun goes through all twelve in one year), averaging 14-29 years in each sign. It’s a generational planet, impacting years of people in similar ways. Your house placement will be much more personal than your sign. 
In transits, it goes retrograde for about six months every year. 

It went retrograde April 18 this year and goes direct today, September 25th. 

We’ve been in a period of inner transformation. Rather than being intimate with others, we may have found ourselves becoming more intimate with ourselves, learning about all the little crevices that are hiding in the shadows. 

Now that it’s direct, whatever we have uprooted we can heal directly. We can leave behind the heaviness of hurt, fear, and attachment after understanding their roots and causes. We may also find intimate relationships become deeper due to this new found freedom. 

Currently it’s in Capricorn. This means this process will focus on structure, career, and discipline. What you want to offer the world and what the world expects you to offer it. Our views on authority and our relationship with our own inner authority come into play. If there’s any healing that needs to be done, let it happen. You’ll find it makes success comes so much easier. 

You’ll be feeling this transition even more if you have any planets in Capricorn, especially at 15°-17° Capricorn. Because this is a generational planet, the house placement will also be a lot more crucial. Whatever house has these degrees of Capricorn will have a concentration of these Pluto effects. 

How’s Pluto impacting you?

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