Saturn, Oh Saturn.

Saturn has really been giving me a hard time lately. I have Saturn in Pisces and I just got out of my Saturn Square, but I’m still feeling the effects.

Saturn represents authority. He’s very earthly in nature, representing our career and our future security. He also represents time. Your retirement plan is all Saturn’s domain.

If you know anything about Pisces, you’d know it’s very illusive. It’s hard to pin down. There isn’t concrete edges or borders. It’s soul essence just floating through. Pisces has to be understood on a subconscious and energetic level.

My Saturn in Pisces makes my sense of future illusive. I know what kind of energy I want my career to have, but I don’t exactly know the steps to take to actualize that energy into reality. I want to heal people through self empowerment and love. Pisces is sensitive, a healer and a psychic. I want to build my career around that.

If you know anything about my personal style of astrology you’ll know I love my oppositions. To master yang you must master yin. The opposite of Pisces is Virgo.  Pisces is the dreams and Virgo is the reality. If I want to build up anything strong in terms of a Pisces themed career, I’m going to have to build a solid Virgo foundation. I need something to balance out the mystic and the subconscious.

How do you find the balance between the two though?

Lately I’ve been struggling.

I think squares can give us a way to balance out oppositions, and the mutable squares are probably my favorite. I once had a conversation with a fellow astrologer who had a theory that midpoints can be the relief for hard aspects. Midpoints meet both energy in the middle. They are the ultimate balancer.

The midpoints of an oppisition are the squares. If you meet Pisces and Virgo in the middle, you will either find Sagittarius or Gemini, depending on the direction you take. So, when you get stuck between the dreams and reality, you can find an outlet through communication and experiences.

Gemini represents socialization, hobbies, talking, and variety. Sagittarius involves adventure, research, the big picture, and teaching.

When I get stuck manifesting the reality I want, I find I crave either talking to someone or exploring something new.

If I take a Gemini break from whatever I’m trying to build into my Pisces Saturn reality, I can distract my mind for a moment. Whatever I was stressing about does not matter in the moment. This gives my energy time and space to calm down and refresh. So, when I return, I can take a lighter approach. I can talk to other people and get new viewpoints based on their own styles of being and thinking. This can give me new perspectives to consider and bring to the table, new ways to solve whatever problems I’ve been dealing with.

If I take at trip with Sagittarius, I can experience and learn about life on a profound level. If I take the time to teach or to explain something to someone, I have to deepen my own understanding of that concept. In that process, I learn. Then, when I return home, I can see that problem in the light of my new understandings. I can pull away, see the big picture, and when I return to the minutiae details I will know exactly what to adjust.

Transiting Saturn has been in Sagittarius. Normally, adventure and experience is an easy outlet for balancing my energy, but lately not so much. I have to be more serious with my bigger picture. When I’m getting frustrated with reality and the little details, this can be hard.

I still push through though. I let the energy lead the way, which is probably the best thing I can do as a Pisces Saturn. If something doesn’t feel right, I acknowledge it and adjust my sails. Responding to the energy of my reality is my motivation.

I just want a break for a moment, where things can be easy for a while.

How do you balance out your mutable energy? How are you finding Saturn treating you and your future, especially if you are a Pisces Saturn like me?

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art by mystic mama


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