Virgo New Moon

Happy Virgo New Moon!

A new moon is when the Sun and the Moon are in the exact same position in the sky. New moons are a time to go within, clear house, and to set intentions for the next month. The spotlight syncs with the core, our inner desires and needs are revealed. 

Virgo is about reality. 

The Virgo Moon and Virgo Sun are opposite a Pisces Neptune. 

Neptune and Pisces are all about the soul. The subconscious. 

If you’ve been doing your inner work, you may find yourself feeling powerful in a very feminine way. 

If you haven’t cleared house yet, you may be feeling it with your health, your routine, your job, or your body. If things in reality aren’t what you want, go deeper. Go into the subconscious undercurrents. What does Neptune want to show you?

Once you see through the fog, return to reality. Return to the Sun and the Moon. Set you intentions. 

Then, rest tonight so you can follow through in the morning. 

#virgonewmoon #newmoon

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