Cancer Suns

Cancers seek emotional security. They tend to be deeply emotional people and put a lot of emphasis on trust. They shine brightest when they don't have to worry about being vulnerable.  Known as the crab, when they feel threatened they can snap at those around them. Often this happens when they feel like a loved [...]

Pisces Sun

Pisces are dreamers. They build from their imagination into reality, not letting the 'logical' side of life hold them back.  They can be intuitive. They are sensitive to everything. While this can bring them hurt it can also be used to their advantage. Pisces can feel like they have no boundaries. Everything they feel hits [...]

Leo Suns

Leos are a force of sunlight and work best when they have people surrounding them and enjoying the light they put off. They are cheerful people who seek happiness out of life. At times they can prideful, but at their core they know that they are invaluable to the world for the light that the [...]

Virgo Suns

Virgos are analytical, logical, realistic, and routine. Sometimes they have a chaotic organizational system, but there will always be a method to their madness.  A Virgo's strength is in their ability to critique, though it's important that they deliver their criticism in a constructive manner. If they're not careful, their high standards and desire for [...]

Libra Suns

Notorious for relationships, Libra sees the world through others. They find a mirror in every person they meet. Libra is represented by the scales. They like balance and can create harmony wherever they go. At times, they can be indecisive, afraid to mess up the equilibrium of life. Known for their beauty, any Libra you [...]

Virgo Season

It's Virgo season!  The spot light is going to be on the little details, routine affairs, and the day to day life.  Try not to be too critical or to forget about the big picture. Make your to do lists and take advantage of Virgo's need to make things better one step at a time.  [...]

The Basics: Sun and Moon

Sun: heart, ego, creating, fun, children, childhood, outer self Moon: emotions, home, family, mother, inner self The two luminaries. The two sources of light in our lives. Our daytime bright light, and our nighttime night light. The Sun moves through a sign every thirty days. Your Sun Sign is based on the day of the [...]

Why Book with an Astrologer?

Why get a reading from an astrologer? • It's more in depth than horoscopes and general sun sign astrology. • It's personalized, each reading is about you, not a generalization that is meant to apply to a lot of people across the board. • It can identify your strengths and how to maximize on their [...]

Aquarius and Leo: Sun Signs

Leo is represented by the Sun, sitting at the center of our solar system acting as a source of light to the planets that loyally orbit around it. It is related to happiness, the heart, and the ego. It is what we create in the moment of fun.  Aquarius is the antithesis of this. It [...]

Saturn went direct, praise Yeezus. 

Saturn went direct this morning, ending its retrograde motion that begin March 25. Saturn represents authority, time, career, structure, lessons. It's the empire we want to build and the careful measures we take to get there.  When a planet is retrograde, it looks like that planet is moving backwards through the sky. All of the traits [...]