Tarot Card of the Day: Child of Hearts

Tarot Card of the Day: Child of Hearts
The hearts are symbolic of water. They represent the feminine, emotions, the home, dreams, and love. 

The Child is symbolic of curiosity, innocence, and new energy. With the Child of Hearts, we are dealing with curious and innocent emotions, new love. 

This particular card depicts Goldilocks outside of the three bears’ cottage, looking in their window. Down the path you can see the three bears going for their walk. We all know what happens next. Goldilocks helps herself to three bowls of porridge (one too hot, one too cold, and one just right), to three chairs (two too big, and one just right) and to three beds (one too hard, one too soft, and one just right) before falling asleep. 

The bears come home and are not too happy to find someone has been eating their porridge, sitting in their chairs, and sleeping in their beds. Goldilocks wakes up when they find her in baby bear’s bed and runs out of the house as fast as she can. 

From one angle, I think Goldilocks is telling us to be careful where our curiosity leads us, as we discover a new sense of love it might be important to understand where that love may be going with a more grounded outlook. Goldilocks has a lot of love and curiosity, but didn’t exactly express that in a positive way. 

On the other hand, what if the bears had been more welcoming? What if they had the same childlike attitude that Goldilocks had, and welcomed her in with an open heart? Rather than getting angry at the unexpected guest, they find it amusing and laugh. Maybe her and baby bear become best friends, seeing as how they like all the same stuff. Goldilocks was only looking for a safe place to eat and rest, she had no ill intentions at heart, so what if the bears matched her attitude?

Where might you be Goldilocks? Wondering in without knowing where you are going? Or, where could you be the bears, turning away a childlike person who could just use some warm food and a nice bed?

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