Mercury Retrograde – Aug 2016

Mercury went retrograde this morning!

Mercury is the planet of communication. It represents our minds, our thoughts, our words, how we learn and how we speak. It’s our short bursts of energy, our community, and our hobbies. When a planet goes retrograde, it looks like it’s going backwards in the sky, even though it’s not. 

Astrologically speaking, retrogrades are times for us to focus on the “re-“. In terms of Mercury, that means re-thinking, re-learning, re-visiting, re-telling, and re-doing. 

Mercury goes regrade 3-4 times a year, for about three weeks at a time. 

Currently, Mercury is retrograding in Virgo. Virgo represents the little details, our routine, health, work, service, body, and perfection. 

With Mercury retrograding through Virgo it’s time for us to re-think and re-visit our schedules. Our minds may be re-evaluating our bodies, our jobs, and our health. Our thoughts may be very honed in to the little details and what needs to be improved. Perhaps we’ll find that we have to improve things we’ve done in the past few weeks because we aren’t quiet satisfied with our results. It’s important to not get too lost under the critical energy, but rather let it guide you towards a better product. 

Mercury goes direct again September 22. Good luck!


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