Capricorn Suns

Capricorns are strongly shaped by their relationship with time. The security of the future is something they value a lot, so they’re not afraid to do the boring work now to get to somewhere golden later. 
Because the structure and foundation of what they build influence their security in the future, Capricorns can feel like they have to be responsible in how they act now. Their relationship with outer and inner authority shapes how they express their heart. Most lighten up with age, as they tend to finally tap into all those rewards they worked so hard for in the past. 

Capricorns generally want a good public image. They may either feel like they have a lot to offer the world or the world has a close eye on what they’re offering no matter if they want it or not. Because of this, they always have to be on their game. They’re the responsible sign of the Zodiac though, so this is all in their domain. 

Some famous Capricorns are: Zayn Malik, Gabby Douglas, Elvis Presley, Muhammad Ali, Michelle Obama, Ellie Goulding, Martin Luther King Jr., and Betty White. 


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