Tarot Card of the Day: Two of Crystals, reversed. 

Tarot Card of the Day: Two of Crystals, reversed.
The crystals are symbolic of earth. They represent money and security. Crystals are also extremely healing. They have a lot of metaphysical power. Twos are symbolic of balance.

When a card is reversed, there can be a block keeping you from taping into the full energy of the card. 

This particular card depicts two gnomes, a girl and a boy, on a seesaw. The girl is raised off the ground while the boy has his feet planted firmly in the grass. At the center of the seesaw there is an owl, and in the grass below there is a rabbit and a squirrel. In the background you see a lone and empty swing amongst the trees. 

Upright, you’d get an impression of things balancing out well in life right now, allowing for some happy and playful energy, as long as cooperation and balance remain central. When you reverse it however, there appears to be a block in achieving the right physical balance. Either between you and a partner or between the masculine and feminine sides of yourself. Perhaps you need to take a break from relationships and do some self reflection. 

At the center of this balancing act, we have the owl. Owls are symbolic of wisdom and secret profound and ancient knowledge. To figure out what your block is, try to think from the perspective of an owl. Sitting on its perch, wise and calm, allowing the answers seek him. 

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