Taurus Suns

Taurus is grounding energy. They aren’t going to be the type of people to invest their hearts lightly. They spend a long time deciding what’s valuable enough for them and once they’re committed they have no intentions of wavering. They are incredibly headstrong and stubborn. 
They can be very in tune with their senses. They are pleasure seekers and if they can’t find pleasure else where in the world they will create it themselves. 
Taurus desires stability in life. Many find value in their possessions or how much resources they have in the bank. They may have had a significant relationship with loss or lack in the past, but at the end of the day they want to build up and focus on the vitality of life. 
Some famous Tauruses are: Adele, Channing Tatum, Queen Elizabeth, Sam Smith, Megan Fox, and George Clooney. 

Originally posted on Know Your Vibes Facebook

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