Tarot Card of the Day: Gaurdian of Wands

Tarot card of the day: Guardian of Wands
The wands represent fire, passion, creativity, intuition, and the magic of nature. The Guardian represents the protector or keeper of this energy. For this card, we will be dealing with the protector of our path. 

This particular card depicts the archangel Raphael. He’s standing over the Earth with his arm raised and beautiful green wings on his back. He is dressed in bright colors and seems to be looking down on the world with fondness and knowing. 
Raphael literally means God Heals. If you’re struggling with physical illness, he’s the angel to call on. He is known for offering direction to the souls who seek it as well as providing nurturing and protective energies for those in need. He protects us as we travel, both literally and through the spiritual journey of life.   
If you’re in need of a little direction or healing call on the energies of Raphael. Even if you’re not religious, understanding the archetype of Raphael and opening yourself up to the help and healing power of the universe and those around you can really do you some good. 
You’ll never know what you could get if you don’t ask. 
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