Virgo Suns

Virgos are analytical, logical, realistic, and routine. Sometimes they have a chaotic organizational system, but there will always be a method to their madness. 
A Virgo’s strength is in their ability to critique, though it’s important that they deliver their criticism in a constructive manner. If they’re not careful, their high standards and desire for perfection can turn the people they are trying to help into enemies. 

Virgo represents the body, and how we utilize our bodies in our everyday lives. If a Virgo is having a problem in their world, their body may be what experiences the symptoms first. 

Some famous Virgo’s are Bernie Sanders, Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, Zendaya Coleman, Nick Jonas, Wiz Khalifa, Pink, and Jimmy Fallon. 

Growing up, I used to want to be a Virgo and I think I acted very much like one throughout my school years. Looking back on it, I hate how critical I was. Now that I’m older, I connect more with my Pisces Sun, the opposite of Virgo. Even though I embrace the chaotic and dreamy energy of Pisces more easily now, I will always feel connected to the structured energy of Virgo. I have attracted many Virgos in this life time and each and every one has left a significant mark on my life. Besides my own, they are by far my favorite sign to understand.

And happy birthday to my favorite Virgo of all, who I know won’t read this because he’s too “realistic” to believe in astrology.


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