The Basics: Sun and Moon

Sun: heart, ego, creating, fun, children, childhood, outer self
Moon: emotions, home, family, mother, inner self

The two luminaries. The two sources of light in our lives. Our daytime bright light, and our nighttime night light.

The Sun moves through a sign every thirty days. Your Sun Sign is based on the day of the year you were born, however if you are born on a cusp it may be harder to tell just by the day alone, so I would recommend creating a birth chart with your exact day and year to be sure.

The Moon moves through a sign every two and a half days. You can also use a birth chart to figure out your Moon sign. If you were born on a day that the Moon changes signs (kind of like cusp Sun signs), it may be important to have your birth time to know which sign is yours exactly.

My favorite site is If you go free horoscopes > natal chart, ascendant and enter in your info it pulls up a birth chart and a table for you.

What’s your Sun and Moon signs? Mine are Pisces Sun and Sagittarius Moon.

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