Why Book with an Astrologer?

Why get a reading from an astrologer?

• It’s more in depth than horoscopes and general sun sign astrology.
• It’s personalized, each reading is about you, not a generalization that is meant to apply to a lot of people across the board.
• It can identify your strengths and how to maximize on their benefits.
• It can identify your weaknesses and how to integrate them constructively and strengthen those areas of who you are.
• It can give you advice on any area in your life based on your energy and the current energy in the air.
• It can give you an understanding of how the different dynamic parts work as well as how they all come together to create you.

Readings by me:

Each of my readings are unique, completely inspired by the energy of you. What we focus on depends on what you want to focus on. Even if you don’t directly shape the conversation, I let my intuition lead me where you may need to go.

I charge $20/hr and have an open flexibility for those with tight schedules. If you aren’t close enough for an in-person meeting, I do offer readings over face time or Skype. I want to make astrology accessible to anyone who may benefit from it, so if you are interested I will always find a way to work with you.

Send me a message on facebook  ( https://www.facebook.com/knowyourvibesastrology/ )or an email at knowyourvibes@yahoo.com to book a reading today!

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