Saturn went direct, praise Yeezus. 

Saturn went direct this morning, ending its retrograde motion that begin March 25. Saturn represents authority, time, career, structure, lessons. It’s the empire we want to build and the careful measures we take to get there. 
When a planet is retrograde, it looks like that planet is moving backwards through the sky. All of the traits of that planet get inverted. Authority and career are harder to come by. Structure must come from within, and we don’t have a lot of energy for building structure externally, so what we choose must be important.

With that ending today and Saturn going direct, we’ll find that building out into the world will be a bit easier now that we truly know what we want to do. Career moves will be more beneficial for us and we can accomplish a lot more. 

Saturn is currently in Sagittarius, so this is all relating to the bigger picture and intuitive luck. The steps we need to take may be more obvious or successful now. 

This is especially influential on those with planets in Sagittarius, most specifically those born in the Sagittarius in Saturn era who are going through their return now. It’s also powerful for those with Capricorn influences, as Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.

Here’s my cat, Yeezus.

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