Virgo Venus and Sagittarius Mars

Mars and Venus just squared off a couple days ago. Mars represents masculine energy and Venus represents feminine energy. No matter how we express ourselves we all carry masculine and feminine energy within us.

Venus represents relationships. It’s harmonizing energy, balancing energy. It’s who we are reflected in those around us. Currently she is in Virgo. Virgo represents the little details. It’s a sign often associated with criticalness and perfection. With Venus in Virgo, we may be feeling extra critical towards our partners in life. This criticism may reflect our own harsh criticism of ourselves. It may be hard for us to see the bigger picture in relationships.

Mars represents independence and self-assertion. It’s our energy and drive for doing what we want to do. Currently he is in Sagittarius. While Virgo is the little details, Sagittarius represents the big picture. It’s fiery, optimistic, and carefree. Our unique paths are passionate right now. We all have an inherent need to work towards our big picture.

Venus and Mars need to have a functional relationship. In relationships, we often find that we have to use Mars energy when we feel like we aren’t getting the treatment we deserve. We have to assert ourselves, often through anger. This can make Venus’s need for balance dissatisfied because she reads this sudden attention to conflict not as harmony but as disharmony. However after Mars says what he needs to say, Venus can follow behind him and reestablish balance in a way that better reflects the independent needs of each individual in the pair than before.

With Venus and Mars currently squaring each other, their efforts to find balance between each other becomes a little bit more defined and critical. Venus is busy focusing on the little details, perhaps honing in on something so small that our partners feel attacked or overly criticized. She may be too zoned in for true balance at this time. Virgo is the sign that comes right before the one Venus rules, Libra. While Libra represents partnerships, Virgo is the energy that we use to prepare ourselves for partnerships. It’s not always completely ready for a relationship stage with others. Traditionally, Venus in Virgo is the hardest Venus position to have, and as I’ve been feeling the effects of the transits, it’s understandable.

This is where we use Mars to temporarily move away from this falsely ‘balanced’ imbalance. Mars is a fiery planet and feels happy to be acting through a fiery sign like Sagittarius. After spending a long direct and retrograde period in the heavy Scorpio our independent energy is finally ready to embrace a new sense of lightness and freedom. It’s important to utilize this positive energy in your relationships. Don’t worry so much about the little details. Yes, they are important and yes, they are useful to creating what we want out of life, but it’s also easy to get lost in them. We need to look at the little details in light of the big picture.

If you find yourself bogged down in the little moments, take a step back.

On a side note, does this make anybody else think of Jay Z’s Venus vs. Mars? Bey is a Virgo, Jay is a Sagittarius, so very fitting.

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