Tarot Card of the Day: Child of Hearts

Tarot Card of the Day: Child of Hearts The hearts are symbolic of water. They represent the feminine, emotions, the home, dreams, and love.  The Child is symbolic of curiosity, innocence, and new energy. With the Child of Hearts, we are dealing with curious and innocent emotions, new love.  This particular card depicts Goldilocks outside [...]

Gemini Suns

Geminis have a lot of energy expressed in short, rapid bursts. They are led by their minds and focus their attention on whatever they find interesting. Variety will be very important for a Gemini. They don't like things to go too deep or too far, preferring rather to have a lot of hobbies, a lot [...]

Mercury Retrograde – Aug 2016

Mercury went retrograde this morning! Mercury is the planet of communication. It represents our minds, our thoughts, our words, how we learn and how we speak. It's our short bursts of energy, our community, and our hobbies. When a planet goes retrograde, it looks like it's going backwards in the sky, even though it's not.  Astrologically [...]

Tarot Card of the Day: Hansel & Gretel 

Tarot Card of the Day: Hansel & Gretel Traditionally this card is the lovers, symbolic of balance, harmony, relationships, choices, and love.  If you ever heard the story of Hansel and Gretel you would know that it involves two kids who live with their father and step mother. One day, during a tough famine, their [...]

Scorpio Suns

Scorpios can be intense people. They are deeply passionate, especially in intimate relationships. They can be private, often mysterious, sometimes in a playful way.  They have a deep inner vulnerability, but they don't really want anyone to see it. They would much rather have you fear them then have you know that they could fear [...]

Capricorn Suns

Capricorns are strongly shaped by their relationship with time. The security of the future is something they value a lot, so they're not afraid to do the boring work now to get to somewhere golden later.  Because the structure and foundation of what they build influence their security in the future, Capricorns can feel like [...]

Tarot Card of the Day: Two of Crystals, reversed. 

Tarot Card of the Day: Two of Crystals, reversed. The crystals are symbolic of earth. They represent money and security. Crystals are also extremely healing. They have a lot of metaphysical power. Twos are symbolic of balance. When a card is reversed, there can be a block keeping you from taping into the full energy [...]

Aries Suns

Aries are passionate and independent people. They are the beginning of the Zodiac, showing their true mark of courage, taking a path nobody has ever taken before.  They live purely by self driven energy, self driven instinct. Because of this, they may have a harder time understanding other perspectives, but Aries overall is considered the [...]

Taurus Suns

Taurus is grounding energy. They aren't going to be the type of people to invest their hearts lightly. They spend a long time deciding what's valuable enough for them and once they're committed they have no intentions of wavering. They are incredibly headstrong and stubborn.  They can be very in tune with their senses. They [...]

Tarot Card of the Day: Gaurdian of Wands

Tarot card of the day: Guardian of Wands The wands represent fire, passion, creativity, intuition, and the magic of nature. The Guardian represents the protector or keeper of this energy. For this card, we will be dealing with the protector of our path.  This particular card depicts the archangel Raphael. He's standing over the Earth [...]