Mercury: The Way We Think


Mercury is our mind. It is how we take in the world and how we process it. It is our thoughts and the words we use to convey them. The sign your Mercury is in is how you tend to think. To find your Mercury sign (you can create a birth chart at>free horoscopes>extended chart selection). We tend to take in the world through our five senses: touch, taste, hearing, smell, and sight. Each involves a different and unique way to learn about the world we live in and Mercury will use all of them to understand. Mercury represents short trips in our lives, so the information it gathers tends to be shallow in nature. Mercury shows where we may know a little bit about everything, but not a lot about anything.

Mercury moves in rapid, short, bursts of energy. This is why short distances trips are in its domain. Because there is limited energy to devote to one thing, Mercury can show us where we need a lot of mental outlets or mental stimulation. If we get bored, it’s easy for us to get distracted with this energy. Mercury can represent our hobbies, those activities that we find provide us enough mental stimulation to kill a few free hours in the day. If you have strong Mercury energy you may be criticized for your flighty energy, however it’s just because you need a mental break from things. That doesn’t mean that you are gone forever, far from it actually. You just need to engage your mind elsewhere for a moment.

Mercury can also rule our siblings. Mercury is only ever one sign away from the Sun, meaning your Mercury sign will either be your Sun sign, or the one directly before or after it. I’ve noticed a pattern where the closer Mercury is to your Sun, the more likely you were to be close to your siblings. Mercury represents our primary sources of socialization. Often times the first kids we interact with are our brothers and sisters. They can set the precedent for expected behavior and how we interact with the world. Mercury also rules grade school and our community, two other strong sources of socialization.

Mercury can show us our speaking patterns. If you are a masculine Sun sign, but have a feminine Mercury Sign you may find that you are more introverted, even though your Sun sign is supposed to be extroverted. This is because Mercury is how we engage in conversation with others, if you have a feminine placement you aren’t going to be as outward with communication. The same goes for a feminine Sun sign with a masculine Mercury. These placements may feel more extroverted then what their Sun sign usually says.

What is your Mercury sign? Is it the same as your Sun sign? If so, beyond a possible close relationship with your siblings, you will also find that your mind and your communication styles flow easily with your heart and ego. Speaking from the heart for you comes naturally. If you’re like me, however, and have a different Mercury sign then your Sun (Pisces Sun, Aqua Mercury here) then you may find you have a harder time expressing exactly what it is you want to express in the way you want to express it. For example, I always tend to leave out my emotions when I speak to others. This makes them assume I’m not sensitive, so they are always surprised when I do show emotions. They feel like they are coming out of nowhere, but they make perfect sense to me.  On a more positive note, however, the differing energy brings something new to the table. Because I think detached from my emotions, I can process them in an intellectual way. That way, when I get hurt I can still step away from the situation and see it in a more unbiased light. No placement is inherently good or bad, so don’t worry if you aren’t able to easily speak from the heart because you have differing signs or if you don’t have slightly different energy to spice things up because you have the same.

I’ll go into Mercury in the houses sometime soon, but for now I’ll talk about how the signs may influence Mercury. Before you read the interpretation I have though, I encourage you to apply what you know about your Mercury sign to what you have just read about Mercury. If you’re Mercury and your Sun sign are the same, do you see how your ego and your mind operate in a similar fashion? If your Mercury is in a different sign, what similarities and differences to the two signs have? Do you see them play out in the similarities and differences of the way your mind and ego work? My descriptions are just one example of how the energy may play out, so don’t feel limited at all. Also, feel free to leave a comment about your Mercury acts. I love hearing different ways that energy can play out.

Aries energy tends to have a pioneering spirit. If you have an Aries Mercury you tend to explore the world through your mind. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, meaning it has no intentions of being a follower. You decide exactly what you think and the only people who can sway you are the ones you decide to let sway you. The down side to this is that because you are the first sign, you don’t have the lessons of the rest of the signs. This means that you may feel like the thoughts you think are the only thoughts available. There can be a tendency to overlook others, however, I find with Aries energy if you truly are passionate about someone you will find a balance. You are great at asserting yourself through words, though there’s a possibility you may come off as aggressive but this can be because you are very passionate in the way you think and perceive the world. What you say means a lot to you, so you want to stand up for your words. Your siblings may have been very independent, inspiring you to also walk your own path independently. On the more negative end, they may have been very physical or aggressive. You may find that you may be quick to anger, though you never stay focused on the anger too long. Aries rules sex, so for you it is very important that your mind is actively engaged during sex, this can be a popular placement for dirty talk. When it comes to hobbies, you may prefer activities that are physical or competitive. You have a lot of mental steam that needs positive outlets, so take care to mentally pursue what calls to you, but remember to balance in the feelings of those you care about.

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, and unlike Aries, Taurus has some experience ahead of it. This makes a Taurus Mercury a bit more calculating in their thoughts. You may spend a lot of time deciding what messages you want to assign value to, so once you commit to an idea, chances are you plan on committing for a life time. You can be a stubborn thinker at times, not really wanting to challenge the status flow. Stability may be a big mental concern for you. You are a very sensual learner. You may have a beautiful voice or enjoy listening to soft or warm music. Your mind may have a tendency to move slowly, though it is important you go at your own pace. You have the incredible strength and determination it takes to see something through to the end and that is in part because of how carefully you come to your decisions. Taurus Mercuries tend to be grounded in their thinking styles, preferring to deal with what is real rather than what could be. Transformations of thought or thinking patterns can be hard, but as you learn to incorporate death as a necessary part of the growth cycle, your mind can blossom and grow into beautiful gardens of thought. You tend to stick to hobbies a bit longer, needing less rotation of mental stimulation than other signs. You may find that you enjoy comfortable thoughts and sounds. It is important for you to surround yourself in comforting mental situations where you can grow and thrive.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so Mercury is right at home in this sign. If you have a Gemini Mercury, you probably like to talk. A lot. You will probably need a lot of mental stimulation in your life. You can communicate well with almost anybody. This is because you enjoy learning about anything and have acquired quite the stock pile of interesting facts. You tend to embody Mercury’s ability to know a little bit about everything. Your siblings may have been very important to you, especially if you are also a Gemini Sun. You may have a very frantic energy to the way you speak and think, but that is because your mental energy works best in quick bursts. It serves you well to have a variety of mental outlets that you can cycle through as your attention starts to wander. You may have a tendency to rely on logic rather than intuition, so it is important for you to not be afraid to let intuition guide your logic from time to time. You are probably great with words. There can be a tendency to be a good liar with this placement, but that is not always the case. Gemini Mercury is common in sales because you have to know a little bit about a lot of things to convince people to buy your product. You can’t always just pin point one demographic to focus on, you have to appeal to a broad range of people. Gemini is great at this. Gemini Mercuries also tend to have a childlike innocence and happiness in their approach to the world. You just want to learn about whatever you can get your hands on.

Cancer energy tends to be very private. You tend to have a sensitive mind with a Cancer Mercury placement. You may also be careful about who you let in. Your mind is oriented towards your emotions. Cancer energy represents our emotional foundations and when you speak, you speak from here. There can be a tendency to be kind of crabby with your words, but that is because it is your defense mechanism. You are soft on the inside, but need an outer shell to protect you. Cancer rules our mother, so your thinking patterns or the way you speak may be largely shaped by her influence, good or bad. Your mind feels most comfortable at home where you feel safe enough to let your guard down. Cancer also rules our past, so your thinking may be very past-oriented. You probably have a fondness for reflecting on good memories, but it is important for you to also work on creating new ones. You may find that you need a lot of mental activities to entertain you in your home. Growing up your home may have been a great source of activity and you feel the need to recreate that now. If you had siblings, they may have taken on the mother role, or you may have mothered them. There is a nurturing nature to the way you speak. You may find your mental state is dependent on your emotional security, so make sure you always take care of you.

Leo Mercury’s tend to speak straight from the heart. Regardless of your Sun sign, you tend to be pretty good at keeping your words in line with your ego needs. You may find that your thoughts naturally center on yourself, so you might have to work towards extending your thoughts to others. You should have no problem doing this with those you love, though. You are a very mentally passionate person. You have a very childlike approach to thoughts and ideas. Your inner child comes alive through your mind. You may find you need a lot of fun mental outlets. If anything gets too heavy you aren’t too happy. You may speak dramatically. You like your words to be the center of attention. Leo is ruled by the Sun, the center of our universe. In return for the planet’s loyally orbiting the Sun, it provides light. Your Leo Mercury wants to be a source of light for others. By speaking in dramatic flairs you are more easily able to capture the spotlight. You may also be prone to tying your ego up with your thoughts and opinions. Because you think from your heart you can’t help but put yourself into your thoughts. Leo energy is where we create from the heart and your thoughts tend to be your media of choice. You can be stubborn though. You may be resistant to criticism as it may wound your pride. It’s important to remember that when people challenge your thoughts they aren’t exactly trying to challenge you. Your siblings may have been very dramatic, or you may have been a source of happiness for them. You may have been the center of attention in grade school, or would have really liked to be. Your warm mind is a gift to this world, so use it well.

Virgo is another sign ruled by Mercury, but it expresses itself a bit differently than Gemini. A Virgo Mercury is someone who sees all the little details. You can be prone to being critical, but that’s because you are good at finding what needs improvement. Virgo rules the daily routine so it is important for you to have your mind engaged on a day to day basis. You may be a bit of a perfectionist, so it’s important to celebrate your ability to improve, not just the improvements themselves. You may find that you have a mental need to serve or help people. You may be good at healing with words. You are good with logic and prefer your thoughts to come from a place of reason rather than intuition. You aren’t one who tends to actively seek out gratitude for the help you provide through your thoughts and words, but you do appreciate when you are appreciated. You ultimately see constructive criticism as a form of love. You want yourself and others to be the best you can be, and to do that you have to take care of the little things too. You may have had siblings that were either critical, health conscious, or worked a lot. You may have also spent a lot of time learning from books or from observing others. You have a brilliant mind for organization and improvement. Other’s may take it as being too harsh, so work on delivering your criticism in a positive way. Not everyone sees the little details like you. That’s your gift.

Libra typically rules partnerships, but it also rules balance. A Libra Mercury can be prone to indecisiveness. Because you mentally thrive in harmony, choosing a side can be uncomfortable. It means you think there is a clear imbalance in value. At the same time, you can make a great judge of character. Because you want to keep the peace and harmony, you may be more prone to not choose a side when it comes to arguments. This makes you great at settling them in a truly impartial fashion. You may find that you find most of your thoughts through bouncing ideas of a partner. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a romantic partner, but you work better on a one on one level. Any more than two people makes the balance harder to keep, not impossible, of course, just more effort on your part. You may find that you find your mental stimulation best through partnerships, so it’s important for you to have relationships that reflect your energetic needs. You may be someone who has a couple of really close friends that you tend to rotate out. It’s not that you don’t like them all, all the time, just that you vary in how you want your mind to be stimulated. You tend to find beauty important for your mental well-being. You may find you enjoy luxurious hobbies. You may have had a sibling that you formed a strong partnership with or that tended to embody a sense of beauty. You probably had a consistent best friend through grade school, or maybe attracted a lot of romantic partners. You have a beautiful voice and a beautiful mind with a beautiful ability to create harmony in every thought or idea.

Scorpio energy can be heavy to deal with at times, though it’s not all doom and gloom. A Scorpio Mercury is going to be someone with a very intense mind. You will probably have a good understanding of some of the darker ways people think. This can make you very good at reading people, but only if you aren’t first afraid to confront what may feel scary (or, even if you are afraid, pushing through that fear or asking yourself why are you afraid in the first place). Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the farthest planet from the Sun. Because it is the farthest part of us, it gets the least amount of life. Scorpio rules the parts of our psyche that we’d rather keep hidden. With a Scorpio Mercury, it can be hard to do that. You may have a tendency to obsess over thoughts that you would rather not confront, but it is important for you to deal with what is coming up from those dark places. When we try to control our thoughts, pushing bad thoughts away, we don’t get to take those thoughts to completion. When we do finish them, we often find they really aren’t all that scary or you may find that you actually don’t believe the thought all that much. You may have a tendency to be very secretive or private. Scorpio energy is extremely sensitive, but not without protection. Opening up to others makes you vulnerable, which can be an unpleasant experience. Take care to let some people in to your mind though, if you always have walls up people are going to leave when they feel you are holding back. If you let people in though, you may be surprised to find that they like what they see. When you talk to people, you tend to also form deep emotional bonds. Your siblings may have been very intense, perhaps a bit controlling or abusive (though of course that isn’t always the case.) Scorpio also rules death so there can be a possibility of the death of a sibling at an early age. Grade school may have been unpleasant for you, or you found a very strong bond in a partner to keep you company. You may also go through a lot of mental transformations. These can be painful, but you find that often times you have to let go of old ways of thinking that no longer serve you to make room for new ways of thought. Embrace these changes because they are here to help you. You have a brilliant mind for reading people when you learn to read yourself too. Embrace your ability to see in the dark, because not everyone has that talent.

Sagittarius is expansive. With a Sagittarius Mercury when you think, you think big. This can be a little difficult at times, because Mercury energy tends to work in short bursts and Sagittarius tends to work in long extensions, but a nice balance is possible. You tend to think in terms of the big picture, rather than the little details. You most likely have very big dreams and can spend a lot of mental activity on the pursuit of those dreams. You have a happy mental outlook, choosing to move on from negativity as quickly as you can. You need a lot of mental freedom so that you can explore your world. Sagittarius rules foreign language or culture, so you may be good at speaking other languages or have a strong interest in learning about other cultural traditions. Sagittarius also rules publications, so you may find that you have luck when it comes time to getting your words out there. You may be a philosophical thinker, asking a lot of questions, especially “why?” At times, your thoughts may seem too out there. When it comes to mental energy, a lot goes a long way for you. This can be over bearing at times, but it’s also a gift to be able to pursue thoughts with the longevity and curiosity that you do. There can be a tendency to be a little dogmatic. You form your opinions based on your life experiences, and you tend to be very proud of what you find out about how life works. You also like to spread what you find. Sagittarius can represent a teacher, taking data and theories and turning them in to a lecture plan. You do have great things to offer, just make sure your students are willing to learn. Your siblings may have been a bit larger than life in nature, or maybe they tended to come and go. You may feel a strong bond with your siblings, but you would probably be just fine not seeing them for larger stretches of time. You have a beautiful ability to think like an adventure, let life take you where it may and let your positive outlook take you far.

Capricorn Mercury may feel restrictive. With Capricorn energy, you are going to do things right or not at all. You tend to devote a lot of mental focus to your public identity. Capricorn rules the father, so your father may be influential in the way you think and speak. You tend to have a strong sense of mental authority. That doesn’t necessarily mean you follow that authority, just that you tend to have a strong sense of what is correct and incorrect behavior. You may try to avoid speaking or thinking about your emotions, so it’s important that you don’t completely ignore that area of your life. A nice balance is needed. Because Capricorn energy wants you to move with integrity, you may feel like your energy for moving around daily has to always be efficient in a sense. There can be a tendency to be lazy, but it’s usually coupled with a strong feeling of discomfort. You feel like if you aren’t putting your mind to work you are wasting time. There is an inherent need to be productive and build for a secure future even if you really don’t want to be spending your mental energy that way. You may have a very dry sense of humor or may use sarcasm a lot. You may have been a father figure for your siblings, or them for you. There was some sense of authority involved. Because there needed to be responsibility when you interacted with your siblings, you may have learned to socialize in a very structured way. You may have either gotten along well or clashed with authority in grade school. If you were the type to put in the work you probably did well, if you slacked though, you probably felt the discomfort of underperforming. You have a powerful ability to build an empire with your thoughts, so take your time and build your greatness.

Aquarius Mercuries tend to be pragmatic thinkers. You tend to be highly logical. You may be good at detaching your ego from what you think and say, making it easier for you to be objective when it comes to new ideas. This mercury position gives you the ability to think in forms of experiments. You may have a very scientific approach to thought. This makes you good at solving problems and finding innovative solutions. You like to challenge the status quo of thought and you are great at ushering in innovative ways of thinking. When it comes to speaking, others may think you have an odd or unconventional style but this is because you aren’t afraid to speak outside of the rules of standard language. Your mind may be focused primarily on the group or people as a whole. This can be a very humanitarian placement. Aquarius is the water barer, it brings the people what they need. As an Aquarius Mercury you may spend your mental energy trying to figure out what exactly it is people need, or what ways may we go about delivering those needs? You may find you need a lot of mental freedom, but it’s different then Sagittarian freedom. You have to feel like your mind has the freedom to stand out. If you feel people trying to put your mind in a box you won’t be happy. Your siblings may have been very weird, or perhaps they focus a lot on helping society. They could seemed detached from you as well, coming and going without much rhyme or reason. Aquarius is also known to be popular in adoptions, so there is a chance your siblings are not necessarily biological. You probably have a wide range of friends and find that they help you entertain your mind when you get bored. You have a tendency to detach your thought from emotion, which while may seem cold to others, gives you the unique advantage of being able to explore the intellectual value of some ideas. Your thoughts may come to you in epiphanies and you may have a lot of new inventions that could somehow help society. Despite how eccentric they make you feel, your thoughts are a gift to the people and yourself, so embrace them.

Pisces dissolves boundaries. A Pisces Mercury is the type of person who has no problem picking up on the mental energies of those around them. You have a high sensitivity to others. It is important for you to have plenty of alone time so that you can define your mental boundaries. Otherwise, when you are around people and you pick up there energy, you may not realize that it’s theirs. There may be a tendency to have your own little mental world, though there is nothing really wrong with that. You like to fantasize and day dream, so just take care to marry those dreams with reality. You may be a very quiet person, only speaking when you have something important to say. You tend to communicate your thoughts in a more subtle way. You may find that your mind thrives when you are exploring your subconscious. Maybe meditation is something that really suits you. You can have a tendency to see things in rose colored glasses, romanticizing your world. You have a great ability to understand the souls of those around you. The way you speak may be very soft. Often times you can deliver a hurtful message in such a soothing package that nobody even realizes there should be any hurt feelings. You also make for a great listener because of your deep level of understanding. You are someone who should let your feelings guide your thought. Your siblings may have been very sensitive, perhaps you had to take care of them in a way. There can also be an air of abandonment, though not always. A Pisces Mercury can create energy that makes some form of religion or spirituality important. You have a mental connection to your soul and other’s souls that should be appreciated. While this can be a difficult placement to get the grasp of, it can do great things once you figure out your flow of energy.

Positive Energy and Love!


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