Your Moon’s House and Your Emotional Arena

Now that you know what sign your Moon is in (if not, read about it here), you can learn about the house that it is in. While the Moon is your emotions and the sign is the way they express, the house is the area they are most easily found.

You have to know your birth time to find out your houses. If you don’t know your time, it is possible to try to figure it out so don’t lose hope. I will make a post about that in the future, but in the meantime if you want to know how send me an email or leave a comment.

Go to (under free horoscope, natal chart ascendant) and create your birth chart, giving you something like this:


This is my birth chart. I have my Moon in the sixth house, but how can you tell? The houses are the twelve pie pieces you see here. To find which house a planet is, first find that symbol (the crescent moon in this case), then move counterclockwise until you reach a black line and number, known as the house cusp. Everything from that line until the line labeled with the next number makes up that house.

Each house corresponds to a zodiac sign, going in order Aries is the first house, Taurus is the second, and Gemini is the third, etc. What you know about that sign will apply a little bit to that house, but the way the description is phrased is changed. For example, Virgo is the sign equivalent of the sixth house. I know Virgo energy sees the little details that need to be addressed, it is a very logical and practical sign. The sixth house tends to be the arena where we see the most little details that need to be improved such as the daily routine or our physical body. The difference between interpretations is honestly very slight, and if I were to read Virgo Moon placements (to supplement sixth house moon) I would find that I relate to what is being said. So, feel free to explore the house’s signs effect on your moon.

What house is your Moon in? What sign does that correspond to (full list at the bottom)? What do you know about that sign? Do you feel like you relate to any of that energy on an emotional level? How does that sign’s energy relate to your relationship with your mother? Fill free to mess around with your placement first. If you’re here not to just read about yourself, but learn about yourself, trying to draw connections on your own will really help you remember what you find. Maybe even try keeping a notebook with your placements. Even if your connections are small at this point, keep bringing in examples from your life and they will grow. You can also read my post here on the houses to get a better idea of what your house means in general.

After you read your house interpretation try to incorporate your Moon’s sign too. For example, I have a Sagittarius Moon in the sixth house. My emotions tend to be expansive, questioning, adventurous, and knowledge seeking in the area of my daily routine, work life, and body. Try to draw as many connections as you can. We are all continuous people. We can break down our placements to understand the individual pieces, but ultimately we are not just a sum of those pieces but something new altogether, so bring them back once you get a good look.

Feel free to leave a comment about your placement, house and sign. I would love to hear some of the examples you have seen of this energy in your life!

The first house is our very first arena of life. For a person with a first house Moon, this means your mother was a very prominent figure as you began your adventure of life. It is possible that she may have been very assertive, if not physically or verbally aggressive at times. She may have been a very competitive person as well, passing that fire on to you. You have a very bold view of your mother, and you make your emotions bold as a result. Your first house is where you assert yourself so when you assert your ego, you also assert your emotions. This can feel a little like wearing your heart on your sleeve, but there is a fierceness to this quality. There can be a tendency to be naïve to others’ emotions. Because the Moon stopped in the first house, it never developed any other house traits, meaning it never learned any lessons beyond its own. This means that your emotions are really great at exploring your own path, but maybe not the best at taking others into consideration. Ultimately you are someone who finds emotional comfort and a sense of home in your independent exploration of life. You may have a tendency to get your emotions caught in your anger, so be careful to assert yourself but do so in a calm manner. People are more likely to work with you if you aren’t being overly aggressive. Your anger is valid, but the cause of the anger is more important than the actual anger itself. You came here in this life time to embody emotions in many ways, so don’t be afraid to embrace your emotional nature. It is very powerful.

The second house doesn’t have that fiery newness feeling of the first house, but rather a more grounded stable approach. This is the house were we get our material resources, our values, and our self-worth that  we use to support our first house’s adventure. Someone with a Moon in this house probably had their material needs always met growing up. It is possible that your mother was materialistic, but it could be just that she wanted stability and grounding for you. You find your emotions through your ability to build and maintain support for yourself. It is important for you to foster your need for security and your self-worth so that you can build anything you desire. Because the second house spends a little more time deciding what to do, compared to the first, it can be kind of stubborn. The freshness of life has worn off and now you just want to plant their feet and grow. You may find that you emotionally commit yourself to things way longer than what is good for you, and when you do finally end your connection to something it is not necessarily because you want to, but rather circumstances made you. Build yourself a home that is stable, don’t forget that you will always be able to create stability wherever you go, so if things need to change up for a minute or too, you will be okay. You also find your emotions in a very physical way, so you may need to engage your senses often. You have a great ability to foster life, in whatever way you choose.

With a third house Moon, you typically find people who felt mothered by their siblings and community in addition to (if not instead of) their actual mother. The third house is our arena for socialization. You’re relationship with your emotions was found at this level. Sometimes this means that you have a very social mother, or maybe she had a lot of different hobbies or interests. As she took you from place to place, you learned to also have a variety of different interests. For you it is important that you keep your mind stimulated. Your emotions are very mental for you so if you don’t take care of your mental energy, you don’t take care of your emotional needs. People may call you flighty for this need to have a lot of hobbies, interests, friends or whatever, but it’s just how your emotional energy works. This house rules short trips, and making this house’s energy work in short and quick bursts in a lot of different directions. If you are going to pursue something deeply, it is going to have to spark a fire in you, and there is nothing wrong with that. You may find that you are very good at communicating your emotions, though you may be more private with your speech. Because every time you enter your mind, you find you’re emotional, private self it is hard to not let that effect the way you speak. Take care to use your mental curiosity and let it take you were ever it goes and build a home that gives you plenty of outlets for your energy. Your mind can often be your place of peace so take care of it.

The fourth house is the house ruled by the Moon, making the Moon feel very at home here. You probably have a very strong emotional connection with your mother. In many ways she fit the very stereotypical mother role. When you went to look for emotional security you found your mother (unless there is other energy that would make this a little more difficult) or you found your family. This means that you will continue to seek out emotional security in your home. You have a strong emotional foundation that when nurtured can create a very strong platform for a career. Your Moon is your basic needs and you look to have these satisfied at your home base, so take care to make sure your home reflects your energy. You need to feel safe and at peace here. Your family and roots are probably very important for you. You may have a fondness for past memories. It is important for you to incorporate your past into your present and future though, rather than dwelling in it. You may be the type of person to put walls up from time to time, but that is because you are very soft at your core and without those walls you are often met with pain. Once you emotionally invest yourself somewhere, you tend to be very loyal. The people you care about is your family, and family is everything to you.

The fifth house Moon can show a mother that was a bit egotistical, but it could also mean she just had a big heart. You may have seen her as very dramatic, wanting to be the light of the world, but also in a way expecting you to be a force of light in her world as well. This has transitioned into making you feel like you need to be providing something to others for your emotional support. It is important for you to encourage your creativity and inner child. This is a placement that means your emotions have to come from your heart. To tap in to your emotional energy, you feel the need to create so that you can put your light into the world. Your mother was probably someone who just wanted to have fun, so when you sought her out you probably interacted with her on this level. Now you look for that same brightness of light for your emotional support elsewhere. It is important for your home to have your independent flair represented. You want to feel like you have a lightness to offer and that should be reflected in your private space. Take care to support your heart, spreading your love and light with those around you. You’re light is emotional in nature, perhaps wanting to mother others. Keep shining bright, and people will feel your nurturing energy.

The sixth house Moon can represent a mother who was very critical. She was probably a woman who worked very hard every day of the week. You may have had a very strict routine when you were young. Since you found emotional support in a very orderly way, you look to order to find emotional support now. Routine can be very important for your emotional health. It is also important to check up with your emotional well-being each day, maybe taking some quite time in the morning to listen to what your body is telling you. Your mom’s eye for detail may have come off as harsh from time to time, but it encouraged you to notice the little things. This gives you a great ability to flow with the daily energy because you can see when little things need to be tweaked as you move along, rather than waiting until things break down to address them. You may instinctively be a little hard on yourself. Seeing all the little rooms for improvement can be painful for an emotional perfectionist like you, but your beauty is your daily flow of energy that can address things as needed, not in your ability to be an idealized version of perfect. Your body is very important to your emotional self, so take care to listen to it. If you feel bad, ask yourself why? If the answer isn’t obvious, maybe look up the sign that rules the body part that is giving you issues. What does this sign relate to? Are you having any issues there? You are a very logical person, making you prefer facts over ideas but it is important to remember that sometimes ideas help you discover facts. You find emotional comfort in working and serving others. Be careful not to serve others at the expense of yourself. If your mother was the type to be overly critical, she may have demanded and demanded even when you felt like you had nothing left to give. It’s okay to break that pattern now that you are older. Take care of yourself first, and you will be amazed at how well you can truly help others.

A seventh house Moon is someone who had a very strong partnership with their mother. Often times this was because your mother had relationship problems of her own. As a result you have a strong need to have your emotional needs supported in other partnerships in your life. Your emotions feel like they need someone to balance with. Allow partnerships in your life to support you emotionally, but also take care to make sure you can be comfortable with the balance between yourself. Being alone can be hard for you on an emotional level, so it is important for you to turn that feeling from being lonely to just taking some time for yourself. You have strong energy to build a home with somebody and probably look forward to the domestic part of relationships. You tend to form strong emotional roots in the relationships you take up, so you are careful in selecting partners. Once you care for someone you don’t intend to stop, so you want to make sure you are placing your vulnerability in trustworthy hands. You may find that you are attracted to emotional people or are surprised when your emotions come out in relationships. The seventh house represents our shadow side, the part of us that we see reflected in others. If you are finding issues with people’s emotional nature, try to ask yourself how that could be a reflection of your own energy. Then, clearing the issue becomes much easier. Take care to always make sure your partnerships provide an emotionally supportive energy.

An eighth house moon can be a hard placement. This often gives a sense of emotional abandonment. Perhaps your mother didn’t want a child, passed away, or was too busy trying to control you and manipulate you into what she wanted that she never actually got to respond to your emotional needs like you needed. Often times there is a deep emotional connection to death, trauma, or abuse. Essentially you craved a deep connection with people and instead found the darkness of humanity. Understandably this can give you a dark emotional disposition. There may be tendencies to control so that you can avoid future pain. You can put up walls and keep people out with fear and intimidation so that nobody will be able to get close enough to hurt you, but you may find that the lack of any real deep connection hurts you just as much. It is important with this placement to learn to let go of your instinctual need for control by taking comfort in your personal power. You have gone through so many emotional transformations that you know you will be able to survive anything. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. By letting down your walls, you give people the freedom to get close to you. Take comfort in the fact that you are no longer a vulnerable child and if things go wrong you will survive. Once you can let go of the fear, you have a beautiful gift to touch the darkest parts of other souls and help them heal. You can form deep strong relationships that help you find the power to conquer the world, but first you have to let go of that fear of pain.

A ninth house Moon is a mother that encouraged you to explore your own freedom. She was probably the type who didn’t like clinginess, so you tend to need lots of room to breathe yourself. You are the type of person who finds emotional security in adventure, going outside of your comfort zone. You may also feel a strong emotional need to gain knowledge and understand. This type of placement gives you an emotional need to know why. Your mother may have been one to encourage your expansion of your mind, or maybe she led by example. You find that you need to continue this expansion of the self. It doesn’t have to be limited to your mind either. While philosophies and higher education are great, long distance travel, mediation, and exploration of the world are also ways that we can expand. Your emotions tend to be tied to your bigger picture understanding of life. This means that when things are negative, you can usually find a bigger picture reason why they are actually positive. It can feel like you are lucky when you deal with your emotions. You don’t have to put much into the actual experience of them besides just acknowledging them for what they are. You may not feel like you need a strong set of roots and your actual home may move frequently, but you do know you can find home in knowledge and expansion. Continue to experience and understand the world. These experiences and understandings will take you very far.

A tenth house Moon can be a mother who played a father role, or a father who played a mother role, though I typically find more often then not it’s the former. The tenth house is the house of the archetypal father, the public figure, the career. When you place the Moon, the embodiment of the archetypal mother, home, and family in the tenth house you can find that the Mother is embodying practical rather than emotional ideals. This can mean that you felt the need to be very practical growing up. Often times this position happens when the father is out of the picture, though not always. Whatever the reason, your mother figure wasn’t able or didn’t want to play the nurturing role. You learned to see that emotions weren’t practical. There were more important things that need to be dealt with, emotions can be put on the back burner. Now, when it comes to emotions, you may feel very restricted. It’s important to sooth our inner emotional child though because this acts as the foundation in which we build our lives and our career. With a tenth house Moon, you have an emotional need for a strong career or public image, perhaps as an emotionally supportive role, but first you have to just take care of your emotions. You are someone who is probably going to feel more at home in the public eye then alone at your house. Your home life may also occur in a very public way. You can build something extremely strong with this placement as long as you take care to play the role of your inner mother and sooth your basic emotional needs.

Eleventh house Moons had mothers who mothered in a very unconventional way. This placement can be a mother who would intellectualize emotions rather than dealing with them on a purely emotional front. It could also be a mother who would mother at random. You couldn’t predict when she would nurture you. As a result your emotions tend to come up in unpredictable ways. You have a tendency to detach yourself from your emotions, trying to process them intellectually so you can move on without having to feel the emotions themselves. This can be great tool to move on from emotions quickly, but if you aren’t even dealing with them at all they will come back around when you least expect it. You may have had a home that moved around a lot. When you establish your own home you will find that you really don’t want to be pinned down anywhere. There is an emotional need for freedom and rebellion. You may have also found emotional support from your friends, making your selection of peers very important. You have a deep emotional foundation in which you can understand what society needs at large. You have an innovative emotional nature. Not just anybody can dismiss the feeling of sadness and turn it into intellectual energy. Embrace your uniqueness. You may find that because you are innovative, you are met with criticism. You probably already know a lot about how much people fear change, but you all know how important that change is, so embrace yourself for who you are. You are a gift to the people, even if they don’t know it yet.

Twelfth house Moons may have felt abandoned by their mothers. When you needed emotional support, you didn’t get it, for whatever reason, so you didn’t really get the chance to learn how to use your emotions on a conscious level. For you to access your emotions you have to be alone, without the TV on or music playing. You have to dive into your subconscious to understand your emotional nature. The twelfth house tends to dissolve boundaries so perhaps your mother just saw you as an extension of herself rather than your own being. You tend to feel other people’s emotions very deeply, almost completely taking them on in some instances. You take on their hurt and their pain. Often this makes you want to do everything you can to heal their pain, because it is also your pain. The problem is that you can’t fix people or walk their path for them, it’s up to themselves to do what they have to. The best way for you to help others is to define your own emotions. Use the dissolution of boundaries to your benefit, taking alone time and meditating and getting to the true soul level substance of your emotional nature. As you do this, things may be painful. If you have been suppressing a lot, a lot will come up, but eventually as you release all that is holding you back from your subconscious you will feel much lighter. You will also notice that you develop a strong connection to the subconscious collective.  This is the idea that we are all connected and the energy we individually put out effects all of us. Once you find this connection and foster it, you will feel emotionally secure. From there you can help others by providing the same unconditional love you found for yourself. When you release your karma you realize often times you hurt others because you are hurt, when you extend that to other people you can approach them with healing intentions. Rather than villainizing anyone that does something wrong, you are blessed with the ability to recognize that they are just human beings learning like the rest of us. With your own boundaries defined you are powerful energy. You may have lots of fantasies and day dreams but if you work to bring those dreams into reality, you’ll be surprised at what you can do.

Aries                      1st house

Taurus                  2nd house

Gemini                 3rd house

Cancer                  4th house

Leo                         5th house

Virgo                     6th house

Libra                      7th house

Scorpio                 8th house

Sagittarius           9th house

Capricorn             10th house

Aquarius              11th house

Pisces                    12th house


Positive Energy and Love!



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