Your Moon Sign and your Emotional Self

Most of us know our Sun sign. It’s the one you read about in magazines and twitter horoscopes. But do you also know you have a Moon sign? There is actually a sign for every planet, but for now let’s talk about the Moon.

Figuring out your Moon sign is simple. It works best if you have your birth time. If you don’t, the website below will use noon as an estimate. The Moon changes signs every two and a half days, so it’s possible that the Moon sign for noon isn’t your actual Moon sign. If you notice that the Moon is in either the early degrees (0-10) or late degree’s (20-29) try reading both that sign’s interpretation and the one before it or after it respectively. If you feel one fits you better than the other, work with that one.

Go to

Under the free horoscope tab select Natal Chart, Ascendant

You can either proceed as a guest or create your own account to store your charts.

Enter in your birth chart and select “click here to show the chart”

If you look at the table, you will see a row with a symbol of the moon, the word Moon and then your degree and sign. Don’t worry about the degrees, you just need to know what sign it is in. Mine is in Sagittarius. So I am a Pisces Sun with a Sagittarius Moon.

What does this mean exactly? The Sun tends to rule our ego, our personality, where we shine in life. Our Moon is what we are underneath all that. It is our emotions and our most private part of our souls. It is our foundation in which we build our career on.

Often times we embody our moon sign growing up. My niece is a Capricorn moon for instance. She absolutely loves to help clean and has from the moment she could use a wipe. Capricorn is about responsibility and she embodies that. If you have a child, look to see what their moon sign is. This is what kind of emotional security we look for from our mother. The moon often times represents your mother. It is the way we received nurturing growing up and it is how we nurture ourselves now. Be cautious to not over react if you find your child has a ‘bad’ Moon sign. There is no such thing as bad placements, so try to see how you can more positively nurture their emotional needs.

The Moon also represents the home. It is where we feel at peace, where we establish roots. My Sagittarius Moon longs for freedom and adventure, so I prefer my roots to be temporary. Someone with a Taurus Moon would prefer a lot of stability in their home.

The Moon is who we are when we are vulnerable. It is our gut reaction. It can tell us if we are a flight or fight person. An Aries Moon is not going to be one to back down from a challenge, while a Pisces Moon is going to do whatever they can to avoid hurting others.

It is helpful to know your Moon sign because it helps clue you in on what basic emotional needs you should work with.

I’ll give you a brief explanation of what each Moon sign would be like, but feel free to google your placement more. The more you can learn about yourself and the way your emotions work, the more you can work with your energy. This will help you in the long run when you try to build up your career. I also suggest that you try to connect what you know about the sign to what you know now about the Moon before you read my interpretations. Start with the basics. Is your sign masculine, showing extroverted strength (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius) or feminine, showing introverted strength (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces)? What about the element, is it passionate like fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), grounded like earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), intellectual like air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), or deep like water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). Then you have the modalities. Is it rising to the action energy like cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), is it unyielding like the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), or is it adaptable and flexible like the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). Take what you already know about that sign and work with it. (Maybe you know a lot of Taurus and you have a Taurus moon. What do you know about them on an ego level that you see in yourself on an emotional level?) I promise this will help you a lot more than just reading my descriptions. When you work out the meaning yourself, it goes a lot deeper and means a lot more. Try to think of examples or emotional patterns of the energy you are working with. And then read my description and maybe a few more on google to expand what you came up with on your own.

I hope you find some of the things I say about your Moon helpful, but keep in mind I barely scratch the surface of what your Moon sign means for you. Feel free to leave a comment about your Moon and how you have noticed it play out, or if you have a question about an interpretation. Sometimes the best way to learn is through an open dialogue with others.

An Aries Moon is a person who needs independence to feel emotionally secure. They may have had a very self-driven mother, perhaps a bit naïve or overly assertive, but it encourages you to go after your own path. You have an emotional need to do what you are passionate about. When it comes to sex, you definitely bring your emotions into the game and need a partner who will help you feel emotionally secure. You may have a tendency to be emotionally insensitive to others, but you do care about people so once you understand where other people are coming from, you tend to make amends. The most important thing for an Aries Moon is that they follow their own path in life, and no one else’s.

A Taurus Moon is someone who is going to want a lot of sensual or creature comforts. Your mother probably always provided for you growing up, at least materialistically, and therefore you always need to feel financially secure. Stability in the home is a must. A Taurus spends a lot of time deciding where to invest their emotions, so once they do they really don’t plan on moving. As a child, they are stubborn but grounded and earthy. As long as you give them good food and a warm blanket, they can be happy. They may also have a pretty voice, as Taurus is often known to bring.

A Gemini Moon may have had a mother with a very frazzled or short attention span. Often times if you have siblings with this placement, they can take on the role of a mother figure. You need to have a lot of different ways to spend your time at home. Your attention span is short and comes in rapid bursts, so unless something is just absolutely fascinating, you’re going to move on very quickly. That doesn’t mean you won’t go back to that original activity, just you need a break. Hobbies and lots of friends to talk to is important. You may have talked a lot growing up or had a talkative family. You need communication and noise in the home. It goes back to that mental stimulation, you need to have a large variety of outlets to dip into.

Because Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the Moon is quiet happy in Cancer. This is someone whose mother is very important to them, even if the relationship wasn’t a good one. You like to most explore your emotions at home where you feel comfortable and safe with those around you. Because you had such a strong emotional connection with your mother, it is important for you to have that same strong emotional connection with the home and family you created. You may be focus a lot on the past, so it is important to work on incorporating the past into the present, rather than just getting stuck there. As a child you were someone who may have been very sensitive. You probably clung to your mom, or wanted to, and tended to stay at home. Your family is very important to you.

Leo Moon’s embody the Sun in their emotional expression. They tend to have a need for people to like them, but it’s because they want to know that they are contributing something. The planets don’t just orbit the Sun, the Sun also gives us light. You may be very dramatic in your emotional expression, but this is because when you are wounded emotionally, it also hurts on an ego level. Your Mother may have been a little self-centered, or she may have been very childlike and creative. You have an emotional need to create from your heart. Often times this can be expressed in having children, though not always. You feel like you need to have a place in your home. Your mother or family may have looked at you liked you were supposed to provide the family with light, so you still feel these deep need to be needed. Celebrate your own light, and the planets will come.

Virgo Moons are people who feel an emotional need to strive for perfection. You may have had a mother who was very critical. Perhaps she placed a lot of value on hard work, routine, and improved performance. It is possible you are too hard on yourself from time to time, but it’s because you see all that room for improvement. Take time to not focus so much on the end goal, but the journey. Virgo is all about the daily routine that helps get you to the end. It is important for you to invest your energy there. You may feel compelled to serve others and your body may be linked to your emotional security. As a child you were someone who was always taking in and processing information. You are a naturally logical person because of this. Use your logic to help serve people, but don’t forget to balance in some sensitivity too.

A Libra Moon finds their emotional security through partnerships. Often times these people have a very strong partnership with their mothers growing up, sometimes due to their mother’s relationship troubles. It is now very important for you to have an emotional bond with your partner. You also have a strong need for balance and harmony, and this can make standing up for yourself hard. It is important to remember that sometimes offsetting the balance for a minute is the best way to keep the balance in the long run. As a child you enjoyed the company of another, but probably didn’t enjoy anything larger than a pair. You need beauty and harmony in your home and have a great ability to provide it.

A Scorpio Moon is someone who has grown up around a lot of intense energy. A lot of times there can be a feeling of abandonment by the mother, though it could also be that she was more possessive of you, afraid of you abandoning her. You go through a lot of emotional transformations. These tend to be very deep, sometimes very dark, emotions that seem to stem from your psyche. As a child you may have had a close encounter with death or trauma of some sort. Many of these children report seeing ghosts or talking to lost loved ones. Your home is something very private for you. You tend to be very emotionally sensitive, almost fearful of being hurt. There can be tendencies to try to control, but your true strength lies in your personal power. This is what will help you through whatever life throws at you. Embrace your emotional transformations, learning to let go what no longer serves you.

A Sagittarius Moon is someone who will always try to be optimistic. It may be hard, but when you take on a big picture outlook you can get through some of the toughest times. Yes you are struggling now, but you know it’s just going to prepare you for making the most out of life. You may find that you are a very happy-go lucky person. Your emotions may feel a little bit larger than life at times, but you crave adventure in your life, sometimes that means emotional adventures. Your mother was most likely someone who fostered your curiosity. You have a deep emotional need to collect knowledge, to figure out your philosophies of life. You may of saw your mother as a little over the top from time to time, or you are someone who can spend a long time away from her or your home and be okay. You like your freedom. That’s not to say you don’t love your family or mother, just that your emotions are too big to be contained to your roots. As a child you were probably very cheerful but always wise beyond your age. Keep seeking out new experiences and knowledge.

A Capricorn Moon can typically go two ways, either your father wasn’t around so you had to parent yourself to help out your mother who was raising you at least mostly on her own, or you were very close to your father growing up, meaning you take on his emotional approach. If he was anything like the archetypal dad, that means he didn’t really deal very often with his emotions, at least on a public front. Often you find that Capricorn moons feel emotionally restricted. This is because they learned to see that emotions weren’t always practical. You tend to be very business minded. You have a strong potential to build something great with your tenacity, but you also have to incorporate your emotional foundation. Whatever empire you build will eventually fall if you don’t have strong roots. While emotions may feel impractical, dealing with them can sometimes be the most practical thing you can do. You probably feel like you lighten up with age, and you will continue to do so. Just keep putting in the emotional work and you are promised big rewards.

An Aquarius Moon is the type of person to intellectualize their emotions, rather than deal with them on a purely emotional level. Often times these individuals had mothers who were very good at talking out their problems, and things taught you how to detach yourself enough from emotional situations that you can see innovative and useful solutions. You may find that the solutions you find could be helpful to a lot of people, but at the same time you may seem a little emotionally weird to some. You have a core need for rebellion. You need to challenge the system. This isn’t because you don’t like the system, but rather you want the system to be the solution to people’s problem, not their source of problems. Your friend groups are very important for you and tend to be an emotional support group from time to time. As a child you were someone who probably was a little eccentric. You may have been very intelligent and logical, even if you didn’t have the grades to reflect that (the education system is flawed, why would you want to play into that?). Continue to help bring water to the people, and make sure your own cup is always full, and embrace your uniqueness because you are a gift.

Pisces Moons are people who may feel like they don’t exactly belong here. Your alone time is very important to you. If don’t get enough time to emotionally recharge your batteries, you find that it’s very easy for you or others to be emotionally manipulated (often unintentionally). You feel other’s emotions on a very deep level, meaning it can be hard to distinguish where your emotions starts and their emotions end, so take care to define these boundaries. You may have seen your mother a little on the delusional side. Perhaps she enjoyed escaping from reality with her fantasies and daydreams (or alcohol, drugs, or sleep). This created a need for you to explore your own fantasies as well. Don’t be afraid to explore what dreams come up for you, but it’s also important that you marry them with reality. At times, there can be a tendency to use negative escapism techniques, so be careful of your intentions of escapism. Is it to recharge or is it to hide from your subconscious? As a child you were probably very sensitive, and always wanted to help people. Continue to use your sensitivity as a gift. You have a great ability to spread unconditional love, but it starts with yourself. There is nothing wrong with wanting to help people, but you have to start within.

Positive Energy and Love!


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