The Planets and Justin Bieber

Like a lot of celebrities that grow up with the media, Justin Bieber has had his fair share of publicized mistakes. However, he seems like he is trying to turn over a new leaf. I wasn’t his biggest fan before but I really like his new album and I think it is very true to who he is. I see a lot of growth in what he produced. He seems to be a very complex individual, which is why I chose to use his chart for explaining what the planets mean.


The Sun rules our conscious self. It is our ego and our identity. It’s placement in your chart is where your light shines best.

Justin is a Pisces meaning that his ego operates on a subconscious level. This means that for him it is important to have alone time to truly know who he is. It also means that he is sensitive, empathetic, and has trouble with boundaries. A Pisces often means well, but because of their chaotic energy have trouble expressing that. It also means that Justin’s light shines through his spirituality and his artistic expression. His relationship to God is important to him.

His Sun is in his third house, meaning in order to find himself he has to first satisfy this house’s ideals. The third house is ruled by Gemini and Mercury and is very mental. Justin needs to be able to develop his mind and his communication skills. He has to put his heart into his words in order to truly find himself. It also means that he has a lot of energy with a short attention span that needs directing into something positive. With his Pisces Sun it is easy to direct it in negative directions, however as long as he gets sufficient alone time with his mind and his subconscious self he will be fine.

The Moon is our emotional self. It represents the mother and the infant child. It is the foundation that we build our self upon. The Moon changes quickly and the energy here is often temperamental. Some say it is our Moon sign that comes out at night. What the Moon wants, we need to achieve to have emotional security.

Justin has his moon in Libra. This means that he needs balance and harmony to feel emotionally secure. He often feels the need for relationships and finds them to be very emotionally supportive. He may be attracted to more emotional people. Interestingly enough Selena Gomez is a Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon. His mother was probably someone who was good at legal issues or keeping the peace. He finds emotional security from luxuries as well. Anything beautiful makes him feel secure.

His moon is in his eleventh house which means that he also finds emotional security from his friends. Humanitarian efforts can bring him comfort. He may have unpredictable emotional outbursts or he can detach himself from his emotions by completely intellectualizing them. His mother may have been a very eccentric individual or someone who wasn’t around consistently, needing her own freedom. Justin may also find that he needs his own freedom in order to feel secure. Anything that makes him feel like he has to conform will cause tension.

Mercury rules the mind. It is our mental self. It’s how we communicate and how we think. It also rules short distance travel. Its energy is shallow bursts. It bounces from wall to wall.

Justin has a Retrograde Mercury. This means that mentally, he works in a more backwards way. People with a retrograde Mercury have to be careful to think twice before they speak, in case they say something the wrong way.

His Mercury is in Aquarius. This means that he thinks in a very unconventional, rebellious way. Aquarius cannot be put in a box. Because Justin has a Pisces Sun he is very emotional, however his Aquarius Mercury makes him think in more emotionally detached ways. It may also surprise others when he is emotional because he does not typically express those parts of himself.

His Mercury is in this third house, like his Sun. Because Mercury is in the house it rules, the third house, Justin is said to be Mercury dominant. That means he has a lot of Mercury themes in him, evident by his musical career. The energy from his Mercury flows easily through the third house, allowing his mind to shine best in areas of the mind. Although his words may be unconventional with the Aquarius and Retrograde energy, he still has a knack for them.

Venus is the planet of love. It rules relationships and harmony.  Venus energy is beautiful. There is no ugly Libra. Trust me. Anywhere Venus is there is potential to create beautiful things. There is a need for balance and partnership. Venus thrives best when there are other souls to grow with.

Justin’s Venus is in Pisces. This is exalted, or astrologically considered the best position, although I would argue that every placement has good and bad sides. Venus in Pisces gives potential for an unconditional love. Pisces picks up energy on a subconscious level, allowing Justin to see the best in the people he loves. He may be a bit naive, letting people use him a lot longer than he should or feeding off people himself. He is a romantic lover, seeing his partner through rose colored glasses. He wants to devote himself completely in his love, meaning that he should be careful where he puts it.

His Venus is in the fourth house, which is ruled by the Moon and represents our sense of home. It is the foundation we build upon and it’s our emotional being. Justin needs very emotional love. Just like with his Libra Moon, he needs emotional security from his partners. He also had a significant relationship with his mother. He likes his home to be very balanced and peaceful. He also likes beauty and luxury.

Mars is the energy we have to assert ourselves and our Sun. It is who we turn into when we are angry or when we have sex. It’s our physical strength and appearance.

Justin’s Mars is in Aquarius which means he asserts himself in a very rebellious and unconventional way. His energy may be random. Aquarius Mars can be into unconventional things sexually though that varies with the other energy in the chart. Justin probably needs a sense of freedom. When it comes to anger he can be prone to unexpected outbursts. He has a lot of energy for humanitarian efforts or pursuing his hopes and dreams if he so choses.

His Mars is also in his third house, bringing more of that Mercurial energy into play. He has a lot of energy for mental activities. He is also very good at expressing himself with his words. He has to be careful to keep his mind active or he could get into some potentially bad situations.

Jupiter brings expansion. It is the scholar, the traveler, and the philosopher. Jupiter can bring luck. Whatever Jupiter touches comes easy. This can make you lazy if you are not careful. If you know where your Jupiter is and put in a little work you will pay off big.

Justin’s Jupiter is retrograde, meaning that his expansions are very internal, and he may have trouble controlling that energy. Sometimes he may be too much at the wrong time.

It’s in Scorpio which means he has a lot of luck when dealing with other people’s money as well as personal transformations. Scorpio follows Libra, and is what brings the passion and intensity to support Libra relationships. Justin is very good at intense relationships.

His Jupiter is also in the Twelfth house which means that he may fear his expansion. Planets that are in the twelfth house we tend to keep submissive. Justin has to be alone to expand on his own before he finds his luck in expanding the passion in his relationships. If he puts in a little bit of effort to really immerse himself in his alone time it will pay off big.

Saturn is the father figure of the sky. It brings lessons so that we may learn and grow. Whereas Jupiter catches you where it knows you are weak, Saturn tests you where it knows you are strong.

Justin has his Saturn in Pisces. This means that he will have a lot of lessons to learn in regards to his boundaries, his spirituality, and his subconscious. However he also has really strong potential in those areas. If he stays disciplined, but not too restricted he will be able to do great things. This also reflects Justin being abandoned by his father as a toddler as Saturn rules our fatherly figure and Pisces can represent abandonment in our lives. As a result, Justin found his fatherly figure in God, a very spiritual and Pisces manifestation of Saturn.

Saturn is in Justin’s third house which means that he has lessons to learn in the area of his mind and his words. He has to be very careful where he directs his mental energy, but if he works hard and is disciplined he will benefit greatly.

Uranus is the first of the outer planets and will spend seven years in a sign. This means that your house placement is much more important than the sign. Uranus is unconventional. It is the random surprises life throws at you. It is rebellious. It uproots corrupt systems for the greater good. Its humanitarian, social, bringing you friends and networks.

Justin’s Uranus is in his second house of material possessions and things of worth. His sense of self-worth may come and go without warning. He may also spend and save erratically. However because Uranus is in Capricorn, he may have the discipline needed to contain himself, but it only comes through tough lessons.

Neptune spends fourteen years in each sign, so just like Uranus, the house is more important than the sign. Neptune creates a fog wherever it goes. It blurs boundaries and makes it unclear where reality and imagination meet. It rules the subconscious and spirituality. Neptune can make us naïve and hopeful. It puts rose colored glasses on our eyes.

Justin has Neptune in the second house meaning he doesn’t really care so much about what his financial situation is. This could get him in trouble if he isn’t careful however like Uranus, his Neptune is in Capricorn.  This means Justin may have more practicality and grounding to be more aware of his finances then he could be if Neptune was in a different sign. But also like his Uranus, this is only after a few lessons.

Pluto is the last planet (it’s still a planet in my book) and can spend around twenty one years in one sign, making it very generational. Because Pluto is the farthest planet from the Sun it receives the least amount of light. It is all the darkness within us. It’s our fear of abandonment, our controlling tendencies, where we have the ability to manipulate or where we have been abused. However it has positive energy to it too. In fact it is one of my favorite planets. Pluto destroys in order to rebuild. It is death, but only to bring back new life. Think of the Phoenix, rising from the ashes. Pluto brings great things, but it’s important to let go of your fears so it can work its magic. Otherwise things can get messy.

Justin has Pluto in the twelfth house, meaning he has a lot of transformations on the soul and subconscious level. He may have hidden themes of abuse, or keeps his controlling nature very hidden in order to not let it get out of control. When Justin isolates himself he has fantastic potential for transformations and growth. If he is willing to flow with the energy, it will be much easier for him. Pluto is also in Scorpio, the sign it rules making the intensity of the energy increase and making Justin Pluto dominant. There is a lot of hidden parts of Justin that are only accessible through his subconscious where only he can go.

I’ll go into detail about the houses and signs next. I also plan on talking about each planet in a lot more depth, but for now this is a good overview.

~postive energy


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